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Solvency II

Under the new Solvency II regime, effective 1 January 2016, we are required to publish a Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR).

The SFCR aims to give the general public an overview of the insurance company's financial condition covering business performance, the adequacy of its risk profile and a description of its capital management.

The SFCR is supported by the Quantitative Reporting Templates (QRTs) which provide numerical data as prescribed by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

The PRA has granted Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society with a waiver to produce a Single Group SFCR. The Single Group SFCR and QRTs are available for download below.

Insurance returns made to our regulator* (prior to the introduction of Solvency II)


Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society (LVFS)

Liverpool Victoria Life Company (LVLC)

Liverpool Victoria Ins. Company (LVIC)

Highway Insurance Company (HICO)


LVFS PRA return 2015 (PDF 1MB)

LVLC PRA return 2015 (PDF 369KB)

LVIC PRA return 2015 (PDF 399KB)

HICO PRA return 2015 (PDF 690KB)


LVFS PRA return 2014 (PDF 933KB)

LVLC PRA return 2014 (PDF 442KB)

LVIC PRA return 2014 (PDF 387KB)

HICO PRA return 2014 (PDF 352KB)


LVFS PRA return 2013 (PDF 1.59MB)

LVLC PRA return 2013 (PDF 526KB)

LVIC PRA return 2013 (PDF 398KB)

HICO PRA return 2013 (PDF 371KB)


LVFS FSA return 2012 (PDF 626KB)

LVLC FSA return 2012 (PDF 213KB)

LVIC FSA return 2012 (PDF 653KB)

HICO FSA return 2012 (PDF 629KB)


LVFS FSA return 2011 (PDF 654KB)

LVLC FSA return 2011 (PDF 329KB)

LVIC FSA return 2011 (PDF 369KB)

HICO FSA return 2011 (PDF 347KB)

*The Financial Services Authority (FSA) split into two separate regulators on 1 April 2013 becoming the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).