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LV= Membership

Our members - the reason we're here

Helping members look after what they love for 175 years

A modern day mutual

We're owned by our members rather than shareholders. This means we can take a longer-term view and focus on growing the value of LV= for the benefit of our members, instead of running the business to pay dividends to shareholders.

The dawn of mutual companies goes back to the 18th century, and although the world has moved on, the principles of mutuality remain the same. We think confidence unites everyone: individuals, families, communities and society. Today we want to help people live bigger, more confident lives, just like our founders set out to do so many years ago.

Our customers automatically become members when they buy, or if they previously bought, a particular type of product with us - usually one provided by the Life side of our business and underwritten by the Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society. Ownership can’t be traded like shares in a plc, so someone will continue to be a member until their qualifying policy comes to an end.

We have a full list of member qualifying products.

Member Benefits

Here are a few extras just for being one of our members.

Mutual bonus

Find out more about how we reward our members, and the details of the 2017 bonus.

Reconnect with us

Since 1994 we've lost touch with around one million of our members and we're on a mission to reconnect with those of you who've been hidden by the sands of time.

Member Support

Helping an elderly loved one with finance?

Supporting an elderly loved one with financials can be stressful. Find out how we an help you.

Strategic Partnership

LV= and Allianz

Find out more about our strategic partnership with Allianz, including the key facts and benefits of the deal.