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Income Protection Insurance

Peace of mind if you're unable to work because of an accident or ill-health

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Why Choose LV=

Here's just some of the great reasons to choose our Income Protection Insurance

the finer details

So, what's covered with our Income Protection Plan?

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  • We'll pay an on-going regular income if you can't do your job because of an accident or sickness.
  • Rehab support services to help you return to full health as soon as possible.
  • Own Occupation - this means the policy will pay out, after the waiting period, if because of sickness or an accident you are unable to do your usual occupation. 
  • Fracture cover is included at no extra cost (a lump sum payment up to £2,200, depending on the type of bone fracture).
  • A death benefit of up to £10,000. (We'll pay £5,000 if you die within four years of the policy start date, or £10,000 if you die four or more years after the policy starts).
  • Premiums can be waived during involuntary unemployment for up to 6 months.
  • Parent and child cover -  we'll pay a lump sum if your child is diagnosed with specific illnesses, operation or medical procedure.*
  • £1,500 benefit guarantee - we understand your income can fluctuate, especially if you're self-employed or rely heavily on commission and bonuses. And if your salary does drop, there's a risk your salary will no longer support the level of cover you originally took out. At LV=, we don't like the idea of you not getting what you paid for, which is why our Income Protection automatically includes a £1,500 benefit guarantee.
  • Back to work support and career break options.
  • Teachers Sick Pay Guarantee.
  • Specific features for Doctors and Surgeons.
  • Access to member benefits.

*Exclusions apply. For more details on this and the 54 conditions covered, please see our Income Protection Policy Conditions. 

Cover types

Every person and every situation is unique, so we offer a variety of cover types

Income Protection for renters

Looking for flexibility in cover when your rental arrangements change?

Our Income Protection Insurance can be used to protect your monthly rent and living expenses if you can't work because of a long term illness or accident. This gives you the reassurance that you’ll be able to continue to make these payments if you were unable to work. 

But that's not all. We know that if you're renting then your situation can change suddenly and without warning.  So we've included options to help you change your cover, without you needing to give us more health or medical information. This could be helpful if your rent changes or you decide to buy your home. We talk about this more in our guide.

There are some limits for these options, such as maximum increase amounts and maximum ages. You can find out more about these limits in our Policy Conditions.


Income Protection for self employed

Want to know what happens if your income fluctuates?

When working out your annual earned income, we’ll take into account the last 12 months income when working out the maximum benefit we can pay you. 

However, we understand income can fluctuate, especially when you’re self-employed and as a result, there will be circumstances where we may consider averaging your income over a longer period of up to 36 months. This will need to be asked by you at the point of claim.

We'll check this when you claim and then take off other payments you may be getting, such as the payments from any other Income Protection Insurance, or accident and sickness policies that you may have. This is the maximum monthly claim amount we can pay you, although this is capped by the amount of cover you've chosen with your policy.

We talk about this in a bit more detail in our Policy Conditions.


are you eligible? 

Is Income Protection Insurance right for you? 

We ask that you are a permanent resident of the UK and have been registered with a UK GP for at least the last 2 years.

You must be aged between 17 and 59 and able to afford a minimum premium of £5 a month.

Consider how much cover you need and the length of time you need the cover for (your policy must last for at least 5 years).

When your policy starts, you'll need to be employed, self-employed, or a homemaker. If you're retired or unemployed (this includes claiming Jobseekers Allowance) we won't be able to offer you cover.


Important information

Here’s the need to know info, so you have the full picture.

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  • If you inaccurately state your income we may reduce what we can pay you at claim stage (we cover up to 60% of your income).
  • If you've been unemployed for 31 days or more when you claim, we'll only pay out if you can't prepare a meal or do basic housework.
  • Reviewable premiums do not change within the first 5 years of your policy, but after that they could change every year, but we'll let you know before we make any changes.
  • If you stop paying premiums you won't get any money back and you'll no longer be covered.
  • We'll only pay your claim if you've been unable to work throughout the whole your chosen waiting period. You need to wait for the full length of your waiting period before your claim will start to be paid to you.
  • The death benefit proceeds may form part of your estate which could be subject to inheritance tax.
  • If you choose level cover please bear in mind that the amount you're covered for won't go up in the future, so you'll be able to buy less with it in the future, compared to today.
  • We'll only pay for one fracture diagnosed within a 12 month period and certain fractures aren't covered.
  • Both the fracture cover and death benefit payments are fixed and won't increase with inflation.

Member Compensation Eligibility

If the proposed transaction with Bain Capital goes ahead in full, members with an active policy will get a member compensation payment. To qualify for this payment new applications for member-qualifying products need to have been submitted before 11.59pm on Sunday 28 February 2021. Member qualifying policies also need to be in place when and if the transaction is fully completed.

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