Make a life insurance claim

If you need to make a claim, we're here for you

Starting a claim

We're sorry to hear you need to make a claim 

Whether you're making a claim for yourself, or on the policyholders behalf, we can help

Information we'll need for your Life Insurance claim

Before making a claim, try to gather the below information if it's available. 

  • The policy number (this can be found on the policy documents, or a bank statement)
  • Medical reports from a doctor if you are claiming for a terminal illness
  • An original death certificate if the policyholder has died, which we will of course send back immediately

We will keep you informed throughout the claim process and pay claims as quickly as possible.

Please note, this claims process only applies to policies issued through our Exeter office or through Permanent Insurance Company Limited.

Making a claim

You can make a claim by phone, email or by writing to us