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With-Profits Funds Information

Want to know how we manage our with-profits fund?

A guide to our with-profits fund management and performance reports.

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Your guide to how we manage our with-profits fund

These documents include information on:

  • What the with-profits fund is
  • The aim of the with-profits fund
  • How the with-profits fund works
  • How returns on policies are decided
  • What bonuses we pay
There are different versions of the guide available depending on what with-profits product you have or are considering investing in. The different versions are listed below.

'Your guide to how we manage our with-profits fund' is a customer friendly version of a more technical document called the 'Principles and Practices of Financial Management' (PPFM) which we use to manage the with-profits fund.

Conventional with-profits policies and With Profits Pension Annuity

Most policies taken out with Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited before 1997 will be conventional with-profits policies and the document below should be the relevant guide for you. If you have a With Profits Pension Annuity you will also require this version.

Accumulating with-profits policies (accumulating with profit plans)

If you have a Flexible Whole Life Plan or Appropriate Personal Pension Plan, you will require the accumulating with-profits version of this guide.

Unitised with-profits policies post-1997

Most policies taken out from January 1997 onwards are unitised with-profits policies. If you have a unitised with profits policy you will need this guide.

Flexible Guarantee Bond (all series), Flexible Guarantee Funds (all series), All-In-1 Investment Bond, Guaranteed Capital Bond or the Flexi Guarantee Plan

If you have invested in, or are considering investing in the Flexible Guarantee Bond (Series 3), Flexible Guarantee Funds (Series 2) or if you have invested in the Flexible Guarantee Bond, Flexible Guarantee Bond (Series 2), All-in-1 Investment Bond, Guaranteed Capital Bond or the Flexi Guarantee Plan you will need this guide.

Pension Income Plus Annuity

If you have a Pension Income Plus Annuity, you will need this guide.

Customers with RNPFN policies

If you took out a with-profits policy through RNPFN (a policy which was underwritten by RNPFN, before they were acquired by Liverpool Victoria), you will need the RNPFN version of the guide.