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Sustainability Report

2023 Sustainability Report

We’re focused on building an inclusive, sustainable, forward-looking business for the benefit of our current and future generations of members

Our 2023 Sustainability Report represents an opportunity to set out our position as we begin a new phase of our sustainable mutual journey. The Report aims to share with our members, customers, advisers and other stakeholders our approach and what we’re doing at LV= to tackle environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. 

Our sustainability strategy focuses on three core pillars that we believe are essential foundations in helping our members and customers for many generations to come. Each of the three pillars include a commitment, goal and key initiatives we’ve got planned to help us deliver on those commitments.

  • Safeguarding our Environment
  • Sustainable Mutual 
  • Trusted and Thoughtful Provider 

Sustainability strategy

Each of our three strategic pillars include a commitment, goal and key initiatives

Safeguarding our Environment

Our commitment is to deliver strong, stable and sustainable value to our members and customers and achieve this in a way that protects and nurtures our planet for both current and future generations.

Our goal is to strive to embed environmental considerations in everything we do. Safeguarding our environment is our first pillar and that’s because we believe looking after our environment is fundamental to ensuring a society and economy where all can thrive for generations to come.

Our key initiatives:

  • Develop and share a transition plan to net zero.
  • Invest responsibly. Consider ESG when making decisions. Invest in companies and assets that demonstrate they contribute to the long-term sustainability of the planet.
  • Further reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Other information

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Sustainable Mutual

Our commitment is to make a positive and lasting impact in our local communities because, as a mutual, we believe our role in society goes beyond supplying products and services. We'll empower our colleagues to deliver positive sustainable outcomes for our members, customers and wider stakeholders.

Our goal is to be part of a society that works for everyone. Our priority is to ensure that we are here for our members and customers for generations to come.

Our key initiatives: 

  • Support our communities through initiatives and fundraising.
  • Build talented diverse teams and prioritise the wellbeing of our colleagues.

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Trusted and Thoughtful Provider

Our commitment is to build on our strong governance and values-led culture to ensure we go above and beyond what is required to meet legal and regulatory obligations. The way we serve our members and customers is of equal importance to the products, services and advice that we offer.

Our goal is to be a trusted and thoughtful mutual business that is member-focused and provides attractive and sustainable member returns through product, service and investment excellence.

Our key initiatives: 

  • Support our members and customers with excellent customer service and access to help when they need it.
  • Embed a strong governance framework, which is driven by a values-led culture.
  • Collaborate with others in our industry to drive change.

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We’re a Level 2 Disability Confident Employer

This means that we meet the UK government’s high standards as an inclusive employer.

We aim to be inclusive to everyone and are committed to making future positive changes to support all colleagues to give their best. 

In collaboration with our Diversability network, we’re delighted by this achievement. 

“As the Diversability network Executive Team sponsor, I’m delighted that we’ve reached this milestone in our journey. The purpose of the network is to help us all understand seen and unseen disabilities, how we effectively support our colleagues and be clear on the positive impacts we are making across the business. This accolade demonstrates our commitment to be an inclusive employer and support everyone to give their best, benefiting our members, customers, advisers and each other.” – Harry Hanscomb, Chief Operating Officer

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