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Summary of subordinated debt issuance

Issuer Instrument rating Nominal Issue date Maturity Cpn%
Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited   BB+  £200m  May 2013 2043 9.44%
Issuer Instrument rating Nominal Issue date Maturity Cpn%
Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited   BB+  £200m  May 2013 2043 9.44%

Our official documentation

Our publicly available official documentation can be accessed via the various links on this page. 

  • Included within this information is the Group Annual Report both for the current year and previous years. Disclosures in accordance with s.172 of the Companies Act are included within the 2023 Annual Report and separate s.172 statements are included for the Group’s qualifying subsidiaries.
  • Regulatory returns, prepared under the Solvency II regulations, can also be accessed.
  • We have also disclosed our financial strength ratings and the credit rating applied to our subordinated debt.

Engagement Policy

Engagement Policy

LV= has developed an Engagement Policy that demonstrates compliance with the Shareholder Rights Directive II (“SRD”). The purpose of an Engagement Policy is to encourage a responsible investing focus considering both environmental and social issues and to promote transparency. Our asset manager, BlackRock, is fully compliant with the SRD and their Engagement Policy is found on their website.

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  • For LV=, contact our press team
  • For Trustees, contact:

HSBC corporate trustee company (UK) limited 
8 Canada Square
E14 5HQ


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