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Retirement advice

Our retirement advice service will help you tackle retirement with confidence

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Coronavirus update

Your peace of mind is our top priority

This is why we're regularly updating our statement on coronavirus and your pensions & investments with us.
What Coronavirus means for your pensions and investments

Why get retirement advice with us?

Retirement advice hands over the hard work of finding and setting up a pension or retirement product to a professional

Here are some reasons to get in touch...

  • Help you to make the right decision. Pensions are often large sums of money that you may need to rely on for your lifetime, be confident you choose what’s right for you.
  • Confusion to confidence. We have over 100 years’ experience and will guide you through the advice process, and explain the pros and cons of the different options available.
  • We put your needs first. We’ll provide a personalised plan and recommendations based on your circumstances, needs and plans for the future.
  • Peace of mind. We’re strictly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we’ll help you safely make the most of your money.
  • Here to help. We’ll be by your side each step of the way; research, recommendation, decision, application and ongoing support. We’ll explain things clearly in plain English and avoid jargon.

From confusion to confidence

We've been helping customers like you for over 20 years; we specialise in retirement advice 

Specialist advice we offer

We're also specialists in providing advice on these complex topics

Retirement advice

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Annuity shop

Looking for the best annuity rate without taking advice?

If you've already made your decision, we have just the service for you...

  • If you have already decided you want an annuity (a guaranteed income for life) and don’t need advice, then our Annuity Shop will help you make the most of your money.
  • We shop around the whole of the market for you to get the best annuity rate.
  • Enhanced annuity rates are available for medical conditions and lifestyle factors like smoking.
  • We do all the hard-work for you, we make sure you understand the options, we get quotes from all available providers, we find the best rate, and we liaise with companies to set up your new annuity.

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