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baggage, personal belongings and money

What cover do I need to protect against theft?  

Add extra cover for baggage, personal belongings and money

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  • Up to £3,000 cover with our Premier policy or £2,000 cover with our Essential policy for baggage. This includes your suitcases and their contents, bags, sports equipment, mobility aids and wheelchairs. Please note valuables must not be stored in suitcases 
  • Up to £500 cover with our Premier policy for your valuables, like jewellery, watches, sunglasses, cameras or mobile phones. The Essential policy gives you £300 cover 
  • £500 cover for money, including £300 for cash, as well as cover for travellers cheques, admission tickets or pre-paid passes

Remember to report any loss or theft to the police within 24 hours. 

More information about baggage, valuables and money

Optional baggage cover 

Optional cover (baggage) Essential policy max limit per person Premier policy max limit per person Excess per claim
Replacement or hire of essential baggage £250
Damaged, lost or stolen baggage and valuables

Total valuables limit

Single item limit




Loss or theft of personal money

Cash limit


Loss of your passport £500 £500
Loss of your driving licence £500 £500 £50

WInter sports cover

I'm going skiing - do I need additional cover?

Winter sports cover offers extra protection while you're on the slopes

Icon of a person on a snowboard with some mountains in the background
  • Emergency medical expenses if you fall ill on your trip*
  • Accident and personal liability cover 
  • Cover for off piste skiing and snowboarding when you're within the ski area boundaries of a recognised ski resort and following ski patrol guidelines

* Medical expenses are subject to pre-existing conditions being screened and accepted

Winter sports cover

Optional cover (Winter sports) Essential policy 
max limit per person
Premier policy 
max limit per person
Excess per claim
Personal liability for winter sports activities
£2 million per policy
Personal accident as a result of a winter sports activity £25,000 per person N/A
Emergency medical expenses paid that resulted from doing a winter sports activity
£10 million per person
Unused pre-booked winter sports tuition, due to bad weather
Included as standard – see “Cancelling excursions or activities while on your trip”
Unused pre-paid lift pass for each day it can’t be used because the lifts are not in use
Included as standard – see “Cancelling excursions or activities while on your trip”
Cancel winter sports excursions / activities while on trip
£5,000 £10,000 £90
Cancel / cut short your trip after leaving home if this is required as a result of doing a winter sports activity
£5,000 £10,000 £90
Hired winter sports equipment (whilst not in use) is covered only if optional cover for baggage is selected, see above.

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