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So, what’s covered with our over 50s car insurance?

Our over 50s car insurance protects you against all manner of motoring mishaps

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Why is LV= over 50s car insurance cheaper?


If you've been a safe driver for a number of years, over 50s can get a much better price than younger drivers who haven't had as much experience behind the wheel.

  • Over 50s tend to take fewer risks, drive less and stick to speed limits.
  • The more driving experience you have, the less likely you are to claim.
  • This is taken into account when calculating your premium, so you'll benefit from cheaper car insurance.
  • Apart from risk, many other factors can affect your price. Remember, the cheapest car insurance is unlikely to offer the most comprehensive cover.


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What affects the price of over 50s car insurance?

Many things can affect what you pay for over 50s car insurance. Here are some of the factors we consider:

  • Age and driving experience – the more experienced you are as a driver, the less likely you are to claim.
  • Any points on your licencedriving convictions will affect your price. Be honest with your insurer from the start and you'll still be covered.
  • The type of car – smaller, less expensive, less powerful cars are usually cheaper to insure.
  • Where you live – areas with typically lower claims and crime rates have a positive influence on the cost of car insurance.
  • When and how far you drive – the less you drive, the less likely you are to be in an accident.
  • No Claim Discount – the more NCD you’ve built up, the better your price is likely to be.
  • Legislation – sometimes new regulations can affect your price.
  • Parts and labour – the cost of parts and labour are increasing and this has a knock-on effect on the price of insurance premiums.
  • The rising cost of claims – more sophisticated cars are usually more expensive to repair.


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What are car insurance groups?

There are 50 car insurance groups with a ranking system to help insurers work out premiums.

The less likely a car is to be damaged and the cheaper the cost of repair, the lower its insurance group. Fast accelerating, high performance cars are usually in the higher insurance groups.

It’s not quite that simple though - here's a bit more about car insurance groups and how we use them.

Read our guide for more on how we work out the cost of car insurance or watch our video.

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