LV= General Insurance Advisory Board

Written by our editorial team, our website content is produced in collaboration with an LV= advisory board, which includes experts in insurance products, claims, and compliance.

Our evidence-based content is reviewed annually to ensure LV= readers have access to the most up-to-date and factual information and news and is always compliant with FCA guidelines.

Our advisory board is made up from the following panel of experts who review, check and update our copy, and advise us on ways to produce content for the LV= website:

Lucy Brook, Lead Digital Copywriter

Front facing portrait image of Lucy Brook, female with long auburn curly hair.

Lucy is the editor of the LV= GI Magazine, working with writers and our advisory board to create engaging digital content for our readers. 

Lucy worked as a journalist for News Queensland in her native Australia for seven years before relocating to New York in 2011, where she worked as a copywriter and freelance journalist. In 2015, she moved to London and has worked on copy and content projects with several leading UK brands. She joined LV= in 2018.

Amy Davidson, Digital Copywriting Executive

As Digital Copywriter for LV= General Insurance, Amy creates copy for the LV= website. This includes our editorial and product content, with a special focus on the LV= tone of voice. 

Amy graduated from Bournemouth University in 2015 with a BA Honours Degree in Marketing and embarked on a role within Marketing at LV= soon after. However, she quickly realised that her strengths were in producing content rather than tracking the performance of it and therefore began to carve out a role in copywriting.

In 2018 Amy worked as copywriter on a project which saw the total redesign, rewrite and rebuild of the LV= website. Since then, she has worked within the LV= General Insurance Digital Team as an in house copywriter and tone of voice advisor.

Sarah Amos, Senior Motor Underwriter 

Side facing portrait image of Sarah Gray, young female with long blonde/brown hair

Sarah’s passion for all things motor started at an early age, and she puts her knowledge to good use as LV=’s Senior Motor Underwriter. She joined LV= more than nine years ago and has 11 years’ experience in the insurance industry. 

From riding on the back of her dad’s motorbike at age six and racing jet skis at 13 to passing her bike test at 25, Sarah’s love of motor translates into a wealth of knowledge on cars, bikes and more recently, electric vehicles. 

Michelle Smith, Underwriting Risk Executive 

Front facing portrait image of Michelle Smith- female with short brown hair wearing a black and white stripy top

Underwriting Risk Executive Michelle brings deep technical knowledge to her role, advising on content and wording for articles across the magazine. 

She graduated in Law in 2008 and has worked in the insurance industry since 2009. In 2013 she joined LV=, and is currently studying for further insurance qualifications. So far, she’s passed the Chartered Insurance Institute Diploma and is working on completing her Advanced Diploma. 

She’s especially interested in the changing regulatory landscape particularly with the advent of new technology such as open finance.   

Phil Nichols, Senior Home Underwriter

Front facing portrait image of Phil Nichols, middle aged man with a beard, wearing a grey top

Phil is an industry veteran, starting his career in 1984 and working across all facets of insurance, from product management and underwriting to supplier and partner management. 

He joined LV= in 2019 and advises on all our home insurance content. He’s especially knowledgeable on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and what it means for home insurance. 

Chloe Notton, GI Claims Multi-Media Contact & Knowledge Manager 

Front facing portrait image of Chloe Notton

Chloe joined LV= eight years ago and has held various positions in GI Claims. Today, she heads up a robust team to support processes and changes across Claims, ensuring the LV= Claims teams have the information and guidance they need to be able to make the right decisions for our customers. 

With a degree in Literature and Philosophy, Chloe brings her inquisitive eye to all our Claims related content. She’s recently completed an Apprenticeship in Level 5 Operations and Departmental Management as part of LV=’s Best Loved Leaders programme. She's now a Chartered Manager with the CMI.

Jan Sanders, GI Compliance Technical Advisor 

Front facing portrait image of Jan Sanders

Jan joined LV= in 2011 and has worked in the insurance industry for 15 years. As a GI Compliance Technical Advisor, she ensures all content that we publish is factually accurate and up to date.

Jan is especially interested in vulnerable customer protection and fraud detection. She puts the customer at the heart of all her decisions.

Cat Johnson, Underwriter, Pet and Travel

Cat joined LV= in July 2013 as a customer service advisor before moving into a team leader role. In 2019, she joined the underwriting team, working across our pet and travel insurance products.

Extremely passionate about travel, Cat looks to continually improve LV= travel insurance for our customers. 

Julia Okey, Senior Travel and Pet Underwriter 

Front facing portrait image of Julia Okey

With 32 years experience working at LV=, Julia started her career in the customer contact centre, before moving in to technical compliance.

Now, she’s senior underwriter on our pet and travel products, a position she’s held for seven years. Julia advises on all our travel and pet content.  

Tom Clarke, Head of Electric Vehicle Strategy

Tom has worked in the insurance industry for more than 10 years, and specialises in strategy and change.

As Head of Electric Vehicle Strategy for LV=, Tom has led the development of LV=’s electric car insurance and is responsible for driving the company’s work in supporting the greater adoption of electric cars in the UK.