Travel insurance claim considerations

Things you may not know about your travel insurance 

If you're unable to travel, please speak to your tour operator, airline or accommodation provider - they may be able to offer you a full refund or the option to re-book your trip. If they're unable to help you and you need to make a claim, please give us a call or register your claim online

I had to cancel my holiday. Can I claim? 

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  • With our Essential and Premier travel insurance, we cover costs you've paid if you have to cancel a trip because of sudden and unexpected illness. For the Essential policy, this is up to a maximum of £5,000 or up to £10,000 for the Premier policy 
  • If you can rearrange your holiday booking instead of having to cancel, please contact us before you pay for any additional costs you may be charged (if you want to be able to make a claim for these)

I had an accident and needed to go to hospital. Can I claim? 

Essential and Premier travel insurance provides cover for unexpected emergency medical treatment costs. It will also get you back home if you're too unwell to continue your trip.

  • For example, if you trip on an uneven pavement and break your arm, we'll cover the cost of any medical bills, x-rays, or medication you need while you're abroad
  • If you know you'll need medical treatment during your trip or if you're travelling specifically to get medical treatment, surgery or advice, we won't provide medical expenses cover 

I arrived on holiday but my luggage was delayed. Can I claim? 

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  • Yes, we pay up to a maximum of £500 on our Premier travel insurance (or £250 on our Essential policy) for the necessary replacement of toiletries, medication and items of clothing, as well as the hire of sports equipment on a daily basis, if yours is:
  • Missing for more than 12 hours from when you arrived at your destination
  • Lost or damaged while on a trip
  • Please keep hold of any receipts for items you buy or hire, as you'll need to send these to us to make your claim 

Could I claim?

My flight was delayed. Can I claim? 

With Premier travel insurance, you can claim if the transport you're booked on is delayed for more than 12 hours. 

  • If the flight, train, coach or sea vessel you're booked on is delayed leaving, we'll pay you £25 for each 12 hours you're delayed from the departure time shown in your pre-booked travel plans 
  • To claim, we'll need your original trip booking invoice(s) and travel documents showing the dates and times of travel. We'll also need written confirmation from the airline, coach or railway company, shipping line, or their handling agent of the scheduled and actual departure times 
  • There are some examples of when you claim from your airline directly if your flight's delayed. See The Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) website for details 

I had to go to the dentist as my filling fell out. Can I claim? 

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  • Yes, up to £250 on both Essential and Premier policies, but only if you had to have emergency dental treatment to relieve pain 
  • This would include things like painkillers, antibiotics or perhaps a temporary filling 
  • We won’t pay to replace or repair false teeth, artificial teeth (such as crowns or implants) or veneers, or cover dental work involving precious metals 

Here's what's in the small print...

For now, we’ve picked out some of the more important small print to be aware of…

But we recommend you read your policy documents in full to find out exactly what's covered. 

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  • The excess for each insured person is £90 on both our Premier policy and our Essential policy for cancellation and curtailment claims and £50 for baggage claims (if baggage cover is included)
  • You won't have to pay an excess if you're claiming for medical costs if you use your GHIC card at a medical public facility 
  • If you cancel your holiday and you haven't paid for the holiday in full, your excess will be reduced to £15 per person 
  • If you're claiming under multiple sections of the policy, the excess will apply to each one. For example, if you claim for lost baggage and emergency medical treatment, there will be two excesses to pay 
  • You won’t be covered for any claim that's related to a pre-existing medical condition unless we’ve been told about all pre-existing medical condition/s that apply for everyone on the policy, and we've agreed to provide cover for them 
  • You won't be covered for a trip which has already begun before your cover start date 
  • There is limited cover if the claim is related to pandemics. Take a look at our policy wording.