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What is contents insurance?

In a nutshell, contents insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing the things in your home that you’d take with you when you move out. So, whether you’re renting or you own your home, you’ll want to make sure you have contents insurance. You can also add additional cover for high value items, cover away from your home (for things like your mobile or laptop) and bicycle cover.

How does contents insurance work?

Contents insurance covers things like gadgets, TVs, jewellery and clothing against flooding, fire or theft. You can set up a contents insurance policy alongside your home or buildings insurance, or on its own. Remember, contents insurance doesn’t cover your fixtures and fittings (this would come under buildings insurance), or any damage caused by gradual wear and tear. 

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Not sure how much your stuff is worth? We know it's hard to put a true value on the things you love and that’s where our handy contents calculator can help.
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What affects the price of my contents policy?

  • How your home was built
    The materials your property was built with and the way it was built could affect the cost of your premium.
  • Where you live
    If the property is in an area prone to things like flooding, it can be assumed that you're likely to need to claim on your insurance.
  • Security features 
    Any measures you've taken to improve the security of your property could impact the price you pay for your home insurance. Virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, could help boost your home security and even save you money
  • What type of building the property is
    The more rooms or bedrooms there are in your home, the more it might cost to re-build the building or replace any belongings.
  • Government initiatives
    Government initiatives can affect all home insurance policies. For example, the Flood Re scheme of 2016 was introduced to help people living in flood-risk areas.
  • The cost of repair and labour
    Things like hi-tech or extravagant features could increase the cost of your home insurance, this is simply because they're expensive to replace or repair.
  • Your previous claims 
    The number of times you've claimed before could increase the cost of your premium. For example, this might be because you live in an area prone to severe weather or flooding.

Tell me more about how my premium is calculated

What details will you ask me for when I get a contents insurance quote?

  • Your date of birth, preferred phone number and an email address 
  • Any previous home insurance claims made by you or anyone living with you in the last five years 
  • Details of any unspent non-motoring convictions that you or anyone living with you have had
  • If you want to add a joint policyholder, we'll need some of their details too

Is contents insurance right for me?

Our home contents insurance means you're protected against loss, theft or damage to the items in your home. You can also choose to add cover for taking personal items out of your home.

What's the difference between contents and buildings insurance?

Home insurance usually covers two aspects of your property – the structure itself (known as buildings insurance) and the things in it (known as contents insurance). 

Basically, contents insurance covers anything that would fall out if you tipped your house upside down. So, that's things like furniture, jewellery, tech... and all the clothes in between. When it comes to getting insurance for your contents, it’s best to have an idea of how much your stuff is worth before you start your quote. Need a hand? No worries, just head to our contents calculator to work out what’s what.

As for everything else (like structural walls, floors, roofing, fitted units and so on), they would all come under buildings cover. 

Is there any benefit to buying a combined buildings and contents policy?

Fish and chips, tea and biscuits, scones and jam... some things are just better together. So, having your buildings and contents cover under one roof (excuse the pun), is a perfect match too. Choosing to have both home insurance products with us means that if you need to claim, you only have to deal with one company for your buildings and contents claims - this can speed up the process, plus there’s only one excess to pay. We're all about keeping things simple.


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