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Travel insurance for your golfing holiday

Tee off with our top tips about golf travel insurance

Golfing abroad

According to Sport England, over one million of us enjoy a round of golf at least once a month. And when you get a chance to take a holiday, why not enjoy your golf whilst you're away?

Golfing is big business, in 2017 it was estimated £3 billion spent on golfing in the UK each year. Along with the green fees, the golf clubs, bag, trolley and physio for the bad back – golfing is not a cheap hobby!

So, when you go on a golfing holiday, or you simply want to play a few relaxed rounds in the sun, make sure you have enough cover with your travel insurance.

What golf travel insurance cover do I need?

For the most comprehensive cover, we recommend you look at a travel insurance policy that includes:

Lost, stolen or damaged clubs and equipment

When you've built up a great set of golf clubs that help you play like a pro, you'll probably want to take them with you when you go on a golfing holiday.

But unfortunately accidents happen and your precious clubs could be lost or damaged in transit. So before you set off, check to make sure your travel insurance covers the cost of replacing your clubs with ones of a similar standard.

However this doesn't help if you find you get to your destination and you can't use your clubs. That's why, even if your clubs are missing or damaged, your travel insurance should also reimburse you for the cost of hiring a replacement for your damaged club when you get there. LV= will even cover the cost of replacing hired equipment if you're unlucky enough to have these stolen or damaged as well. Bear in mind that damage to golf clubs, while in use, is not covered.

We know that golfing equipment can be very expensive with a decent set of clubs costing upwards of £500. So when you take out your golf travel insurance, check the limits that the insurance company place on how much you can claim for.

You'll probably find that they have an overall claim limit and an individual item claim limit. With LV= the overall limit for damaged, lost or stolen baggage is up to £3,000 with additional personal belongings cover on our Premier travel insurance, with the most paid out for any one item or set being £500, which is the maximum we'll pay for a set of clubs.

LV= will even cover the cost of replacing hired equipment if you're unlucky enough to have these stolen or damaged as well.

Injury and illness

Golf is quite a demanding sport on joints and on the back in particular. If you sustain a serious injury before you go which means you can't travel, you should make sure your travel insurance will cover the cost of your holiday, including any green fees you've paid for in advance.

And if you become unwell or get injured whilst you're away, golf travel insurance should cover your medical fees, reimburse you for any unused green fees, accommodation costs and help you get home if medically essential.

Cancellation of holiday

No one wants to cancel a holiday they've looked forward to all year, but if a close family member or your travel companion becomes seriously ill or dies, then thoughts of a happy holiday disappear.

Even if you have to cancel your holiday, or cut it short and come home, there's no reason that you should miss out financially. Golf travel insurance can help you recoup some of your holiday costs if cancellation is unavoidable.

A supplier going bust

If you've booked a package golfing holiday with a member of ABTA or your holiday is protected by ATOL, you may already be covered if something goes wrong with your tour operator or airline before you fly out or when you're away.

But if you've booked all the different components of your holiday independently, then you should check your travel insurance to make sure you have 'end supplier' cover. This insurance should help recoup some of your costs in case any one of your suppliers goes bankrupt and can no longer provide the service you've already paid for.

Personal liability

Now, we're not casting aspersions on your golfing ability, but even the professionals have their off days. Personal liability insurance will help cover the costs and compensation you may have to pay if you're legally responsible for damage to property or injury to another person when on your golfing holiday.

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