Best holiday locations by train

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If last year's fuel shortages and climate protests showed us anything, it was this: there’s never been a better time to consider some travel alternatives for your staycation!

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Motorway mayhem shouldn’t deter you from getting away for some much-needed R&R with the people you love. So, to make your holiday hunt easier, we’ve put together a list of some of Britain’s top destinations that are an easy train journey away. 

We know it can be difficult to organise a holiday that satisfies everyone’s wishes, especially if you’ve only got a few days over half term to get away. That’s why our list is full of places that offer the best of all worlds! Whether you want to experience charming historical towns, stunning architectural scenery, or simply get out into nature, these locations should allow you to do all of this and more. All aboard!

Quench your thirst for adventure in Thirsk 

Nestled in the Hambleton District of North Yorkshire, Thirsk is a historic market town full of character and beauty. With its charming market squares, cobbled streets and the award-winning ‘World of James Herriot Museum’, you’ll love roaming through the alleys and soaking up the ancient atmosphere. Reachable in just two and a half hours from London, the train will take you right into the town centre, where there are many affordable hotels and Airbnb’s. But if a hotel in town doesn’t take your fancy, fear not! The surrounding area boasts a number of pretty campsites where you can spend the night and take in Yorkshire’s renowned landscapes. 

Discover the ancient beauty of King’s Lynn

One of England’s magnificent port towns, King’s Lynn in Norfolk is a must-visit. A mere two hours away from London on the train, King’s Lynn is home to an amazing mix of marketplaces, historical landmarks and shopping. But it’s not just culture on offer in King’s Lynn. Just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Norfolk coastline, the area boasts fantastic walking, hiking and swimming (if you want to brave the North Sea!) opportunities. And for any music-buffs out there, the annual King’s Lynn Festival offers a great chance to hear some of the country’s best choral and orchestral musicians perform!

Experience leafy landscapes in Lewes

Right in the heart of Sussex, Lewes is another wonderful rustic town for you to explore. Overlooked by the remains of a Norman castle, the city is brimming with historical energy. And for those craving some picturesque scenery and instagrammable content, you won’t be disappointed. The town is quite stunningly surrounded by chalk cliffs and wilderness. It will take you less than an hour to reach this hidden gem by train from London too – all the more reason to hop on board and get exploring!

Rejuvenate yourself in Falmouth

The Cornish peninsula is one of the most gorgeous parts of the UK. And the Cornish spirit is encapsulated nowhere better than in Falmouth. This quaint seaside town, with its traditional pubs and fascinating monuments, is the perfect place to spend a few days relaxing. Wander along Falmouth’s delightful Harbour and breathe in the fresh sea air, or for the more curious-minded, visit the Tudor fortress of Pendennis Castle. You could even combine this trip with a quick stop in Truro on the way. As we know, Cornwall is one of the more remote areas in England, so the train journey won’t be as quick as some other places. But a relaxing journey listening to a podcast or watching a film could be exactly what you need to prepare you for your experience in Falmouth!

Travel back in time in Hereford

The Cathedral city of Hereford is as beautiful as it is old – one of its early town charters dates back to 1189! The Independent Quarter, with its art galleries, boutique shops and eating establishments offers something for everyone, as does Hereford itself. The National Trust Weir Garden is a particular highlight for nature lovers, and with many affordable hotels and Airbnb’s, the city is begging to be visited and explored. It is just two and a half hours from London by train. Why not even hop over the border to Wales and explore the Welsh countryside while you’re in town?

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A final thought…

We know COVID has made us all wary of mingling with big crowds. That’s why our list aims to suggest some less frequently visited tourist spots with plenty of open air and nature, so you can escape not just the business of life, but also the stress of the pandemic. And if you can do all that while helping out the environment by taking a scenic train journey, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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