Helping your claim go smoothly

What you need to know

Thank you for taking the time to contact the claims team at LV=. We appreciate discussing these things during the claims process can be difficult however, we must mention some points before your call with your assessor.

There is some information that we'd like to make sure you understand and are aware of.

Please take the time to read the below. If you have any questions we'll happily discuss them with you during your scheduled call.

  • Our calls may be recorded and could be used in any disputes.
  • We'll be collecting personal information on the call. You can find out how we use this information and what rights you have by visiting If you'd like a hard copy please do let us know and we can get that to you.
  • It’s important you answer all questions truthfully and honestly to ensure we have all the information we require to assess your claim.
  • If you don't provide complete, accurate and up-to-date information LV= may not be able to pay your claim and/or your policy may be cancelled. If LV= cancels your policy you won’t be entitled to any refund of premiums or payment from it.
  • We may share your details with crime prevention agencies who will use your information to verify your identity and to prevent financial crime and money laundering.
  • By providing us with your information, you confirm that all information provided in connection with this claim is honest and accurate and you'll let us know if anything is incorrect.
  • You'll repay LV= any money mistakenly or inadvertently paid to you throughout the claim.

To speed up the processing of your claim, it’ll be helpful if you have the following to hand ready for your call