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RNPFN Managed Growth Fund

We've been working with the RNPFN since 2001

The Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses was founded in 1887 as a provider of financial products for health professionals and their partners

Asset allocation

The type of assets the Managed Growth Fund invests in and the share of the fund that is invested in each asset type.

Unit prices and Fund Value

Here you'll find the latest unit price, a history of unit prices and the value of the Managed Growth Fund.

Fund and Product Charges

We'll explain the deductions that are made from the Managed Growth Fund.

How the fund works

To explain how the Managed Growth Fund works, we've produced a document called 'Your guide to how we manage the Unit-Linked RNPFN Managed Growth Fund'.

Investment information

How the Managed Growth Fund has performed, sustainability and other information.