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Let's talk about fund charges

Fund Charges - RNPFN Managed Growth Fund

The following deductions are made from the Managed Growth Fund:

  • An annual charge of 0.75% of the value of the fund, taken into account when calculating the unit price.
  • The costs incurred when buying, holding and selling the assets in the fund.
  • Any tax and other levies borne by the fund.

Product Charges - RNPFN Managed Growth Fund

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There is an initial charge of 5% when money is invested in the fund and this is allowed for when calculating the offer price. In addition, both the bid and offer prices may include a rounding adjustment of up to 1%. For information on the bid and offer prices please see our Unit Prices page or refer to your Key Features document.
Full details of product charges can be found in your Key Features document.