Frequently asked RNPFN questions

We're here to answer your burning questions 

Policy questions

Can I assign my policy to someone else?
Can I deal with someone else's policy?
How do I update my information? (name, address, bank details)
Where can I find RNPFN’s PAYE reference?
Why have you changed my tax code on my annuity?
Can I increase the amount I pay into my ISA?

Making a claim and getting a valuation

How do I make a claim on a life policy when someone has passed away?
How do I get a transfer value for my pension policy?
My policy is due to mature what do I need to do?
How do I cash-in my life policy?
What documents do I need to send you in relation to a claim on my policy?
How can I claim on my RNPFN pension due to ill health?

Fund and bonus enquiries

Will my policy receive a Final Bonus Enhancement?
Why am I no longer receiving a regular bonus?
What fund is my Investment Bond or Maximum Investment Plan invested in?
What policies are invested in the RNPFN with-profits fund?
Can I switch funds?

Other enquiries

How does the RNPFN Supervisory board look after the interest of policyholders in the RNPFN Fund?
What if I need financial advice?
Where can I find information about Liberty Pension AddPlan and Liberty Personal Pension Plan, my interest bearing policies?
How can I trace an old policy?
How quickly will my request to trace a policy take to be completed?
What was Life Assurance Premium Relief?