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RNPFN With-Profits Principles and practices

Find out how we manage the RNPFN With-Profits Fund

Principles and Practices of Financial Management

Our 'Guide to how we manage the RNPFN fund for with-profits business' includes:

These beliefs and behaviours are how we manage all With-Profits Fund investments.

  • What the With-Profits Fund is
  • The aim of the With-Profits Fund
  • How the With-Profits Fund works
  • How returns on policies are decided
  • What bonuses are paid

Principles and Practices - Annual Report

Each year a report is produced on how the With-Profits Fund has been managed compared to the PPFM.

Principles and Practices - Summary of Changes

The PPFM is regularly reviewed and changes are sometimes made. When significant changes are made the RNPFN policyholders are informed. Here is a summary of all the changes made since 2004.

RNPFN With-Profits Committee - Terms of Reference

The RNPFN Supervisory Board acts as the With-Profits Committee for the RNPFN With-Profits Fund. For more information on the Supervisory Board’s role as the With-Profits Committee see the terms of reference.