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Home insurance optional extras

How to tailor your home insurance policy 

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full accidental damage cover

"I’ll never get that red wine stain out of my cream carpets!"

Full accidental damage cover gives you peace of mind for things like...

  • DIY accidents, such as putting your foot through your loft floor, or driving a nail through a pipe
  • Damage caused by children – such as knocking valuable objects over or spilling drinks
  • Spillages or stains that damage carpets, furniture and curtains
  • Furniture, fixtures or fittings ruined by your pet scratching, digging or chewing

This cover is included as standard with our Home Plus policy.

Personal belongings cover away from home

"What happens if I lose my mobile phone out and about?"

Personal belongings covers... 

  • Loss or damage to personal belongings whilst in the UK and Europe, and up to 60 days worldwide cover
  • Belongings like jewellery, watches, cameras, mobile phones, tablets and golf clubs

There is a limit of £2,000 (£5,000 with Home Plus) per item. Any item worth more than this must be specified on the policy.

This cover is included as standard with our Home Plus policy.
BICycle cover away from home

"What if I'm out and my bike gets stolen?"

Bicycle cover means your bicycle and its gear is insured against...

  • Accidental loss, damage or even theft while you’re away from home (providing your bicycle is locked to an immovable object or within a locked building when taken away from home)
  • Loss or damage whilst cycling in the UK and Europe, and up to 60 days worldwide cover

Your bicycle value must include its accessories, such as panniers. 

There is a limit of £1,000 per bike. Any bike worth more than this must be specified on the policy.

This cover is included as standard with our Home Plus policy.

Legal expenses cover

"Legal expenses have left me out of pocket."

Legal expenses cover for £25 or less gives you up to £100,000 to help you...

  • Claim compensation if you're injured and it's not your fault, for example if you trip over a loose paving slab or are knocked off your bike
  • Protect your legal rights as a home owner, for example a dispute over a boundary or right of way
  • With unfair dismissal or other employment contract disputes such as discrimination
  • With a dispute relating to goods or services you've bought such as faulty workmanship by a builder

Any claim must have more than a 50% chance of the case being successful.

Home emergency

"Help, my boiler’s broken down!"

Home emergency cover for £50 or less includes protection for things like...

  • Heating – we pay for emergency assistance if your heating system fails (provided it’s under 15 years old and has been serviced within the last 3 years)
  • Internal plumbing, drainage and gas supply – we pay to repair damage to or failure of these systems
  • Electrical system – if you suffer a breakdown of your home’s main electrical wiring, we’ll pay for an approved repairer to restore power
  • Roofing – sudden, unexpected roofing problems such as leaks or tiles blown off during a storm or bad weather
  • Loss of keys – if the keys to your house have been lost or stolen, we get you back inside and make it secure
  • Pest infestation – help to rid your home of any unwanted pests, like mice, rats or wasps

Choose home emergency cover and we can organise and pay for an approved tradesperson to provide emergency assistance and repairs up to £500 per emergency.  

This isn't a home maintenance contract so boiler servicing and replacing worn out parts are not included. We also cannot cover warm air, solar, under floor, oil fired, LPG or propane heating systems.

You can only get home emergency cover if you've got our home buildings insurance.