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If you're living in rented accommodation and haven't thought about contents cover yet, you should definitely consider getting tenants insurance.

  • Why do you need tenants insurance?
  • Landlord vs Renters; who's responsible for what?
  • What does tenants insurance include?

If you haven’t thought about tenants insurance for your rented accommodation yet, you’re not alone; more than 50% of renters may not have have any contents cover, which can lead to disaster should the worst happen.

Your landlord is only responsible for the building itself and any fixtures in it, so as a general rule; anything that you would take with you if you moved out, you are responsible for covering. If the damage caused to your belongings isn’t your fault (we’re talking things like leaky pipes), it’s still your responsibility to insure your stuff and won’t come under your landlord’s insurance.

What's covered with LV= tenants insurance?

  • Flexible contents cover  
    Because we know one size doesn't fit all. Not sure how much stuff in your house is worth? No worries, we can work that out for you
  • Accidental damage 
    With our Home and Home Plus policies, we cover your mirrors, glass or ceramic tops that form part of the furniture in your home and home entertainment equipment.
  • Liability
    We’ll pay up to £5,000 on Essentials, £10,000 on Home or £15,000 on Home Plus for fixtures and fittings you have installed in your home or are made responsible for, e.g. light fittings or a new kitchen
  • Locks and keys
    Keys lost or stolen? We’ll replace your locks so you’re safe and sound in a flash

More about LV= tenants insurance

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So, make sure your prized possessions are protected and your stuff is secure with tenants insurance. 

Want to know more? We’ve put together a handy guide on how flat insurance is different to home insurance and why you need which.

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