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Motorbike insurance for your Yamaha

A brief history of Yamaha motorcycles – and how we can help you insure yours

so, what's covered?

Own a Yamaha or looking to buy one?

Our motorbike insurance gives you awesome features, making sure you and your bike are ready to roll.

  • Helmet and leathers cover
    If your gear is stolen or damaged in an accident, we'll replace it
  • Sidecar and motorbike accessories cover
    You've also got cover for a sidecar or any accessories like helmet cameras
  • Insure up to 6 motorbikes
    To save time, you can now add up to 6 motorbikes on one policy
  • A new-for-old bike replacement
    If your motorbike is stolen or written off, it's less than 6 months old and you’re the first owner, we'll replace it with a brand new one of the same, or similar, make and model
  • £500 road rage cover
    If you have an accident and are assaulted by another road user, we'll pay £500 compensation

A brief history of Yamaha

The signature Yamaha logo, a trio of interlocking tuning forks, represents the humble origins of the company as a musical instrument manufacturer of mainly piano and reed organs, established in 1887.

It wasn't until 1955 that Yamaha, a Japanese manufacturer, moved into motorcycle production. Although seen as a relative latecomer to the market, the competitive spirit of Yamaha meant that they soon produced a 125cc two-cylinder motorcycle, the YA-1.

As soon as it was built, Yamaha put the motorbike through its paces in an unprecedented 10,000km endurance test, to make sure that the quality and build were top class.

Predicting the importance of creating environmentally-friendly vehicles, Yamaha realised that the two-stroke was doomed and so, set about production of four-stroke sports machines.

In 1998 Yamaha launched the R1, remembered by many as the ultimate super sport bike of the decade.

Today, Yamaha produces scooters from 50cc to 500cc, as well as a range of motorbikes from 50cc to 1,900cc, including cruiser, sport touring, sport, dual-sport, and off-road bikes.

Did you know - the first man to hit a face-melting 300mph on a bike, was Don Vesco in 1975. He was riding a 1496cc Yamaha Streamliner.

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