Everything you need to know before getting a car quote

Everything you need to know before getting a car insurance quote

We'll make getting a car insurance quote with us as easy as possible 

So, to save you time, we've put together a list of the information you'll need in order to get a car insurance quote. 


Driver details

Here's what we'll need from you to get your car insurance quote...

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  • Personal details like your date of birth, address and occupation
  • Driving licence information including type of licence, how long you've held it for and your driving licence number
  • Full details of any endorsements or driving bans in the last 5 years, including any conviction codes where applicable
  • All of the above information for any named drivers you'd like to add to the policy

Claims history 

Tell us a bit about your claims history and no claim discount

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  • Details of any claims or accidents you or any of your named drivers have had in the last five years. Regardless of whether you or they were at fault, we'll need the date and what happened
  • The amount of NCD years you have - this must have been earned in the UK in the last 2 years and be from your most recent insurer 

Car details

We'll need to know a few specific details about your car

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  • The make, model, engine size and year your car was first registered
  • We don't need the registration number to provide a quote, but we'll need it to start a policy
  • Details of any changes to the standard specification of the car
  • Your estimated annual mileage
  • Owner/keeper of the car
  • The postcode where the car is kept overnight if it's different to your address
  • All of the above information for any other cars you'd like to add to the policy


Want to know if we can insure you?

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  • Your vehicle must be registered and normally kept in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands
  • Your vehicle can't be kept abroad for more than 180 days during your period of cover
  • If you're buying a multi car insurance policy, all the cars must be registered to the same address
  • All drivers must be legally entitled to drive
  • All drivers must be UK residents 


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