Let’s keep your car and home insurance under one roof… literally

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Combined insurance, umbrella insurance, car and home cover, whatever you call it, Multi Cover means having your car and home insurance in one place...

  • Less time wasted on paperwork
  • Less hassle and headaches
  • Less money, more discounts

How do I get Multi Cover insurance?

Getting a quote is simple, we’ll just need some details about you, your car (or cars) and your home too – all the standard stuff really, but we’ll keep it as quick as possible. To make things easier, it’s good to know what you’ll need to hand when getting a Multi Cover quote with us, so let’s break it down…

For your car, you’ll need to have this to hand…

A bit about you and your named drivers…

…like your name, address, date of birth and occupation. We’ll also need your driving licence details and information on any endorsements you might have. Remember, you must be a UK resident and legally entitled to drive.

A bit about your car…
…like the make, model, engine size, your annual mileage, any modifications and where you park it overnight.

A bit about your driving history…
…like any claims, convictions or accidents you’ve been involved in. You can also let us know about any no claim discount (NCD) years you have under your belt.

For a complete list of what's needed and why, check out our handy what you need to get a car quote. You’ll find everything you need to know over there.

And for your home, you’ll need this…

A bit about who lives there…

…like the details of any claims you or anyone you live with have made on home insurance in the last five years, even if it’s only a small claim, we’ll still need to know. The more you tell us at the start, the easier it’ll be in the long run.

A bit about the property…

…like the year the property was built, the material that the walls and roof of your property are made of and if it has ever suffered from flooding.
A bit about your stuff…
…like any valuables in your home, as well as any personal belongings such as jewellery, watches and bicycles you’d like to insure when you’re away from home. We’ll let you know which ones you need to specify when you set up your policy.
Your sum insured
Your contents need to be insured for the amount it would cost to replace them as new. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to work all this out yourself, so check out our handy home contents calculator for a helping hand.
For a complete list of what is needed and why, visit our guide to what you need to get a home quote. You’ll find everything you need to know over there.

Your car and home insurance under one roof

What is Multi Cover insurance?

We’ve all got that ever-growing pile of paper work, an overflowing box file and a million flagged emails, in an attempt to keep track of our funds, diaries, insurances and everything else. So, we want to make things a little less complicated and a little more streamlined by offering you Multi Cover, meaning that your car insurance and home insurance is rolled up into one easy to manage policy. 

You may have heard of Multi Cover, or perhaps you’ve seen it referred to as bundle insurance, combined insurance or umbrella insurance - either way, LV= Multi Cover means one policy number, one renewal date and one place to pay, manage and keep track of your car and home cover. 

Why choose Multi Cover insurance?

Less time

From our simple quote process to one easy to manage policy. We’ve kept things streamlined to save you time… we’ve all got better things to do than fill out lengthy forms, right?

Less money

With us, if you bundle your home and car insurance together on one policy, you’ll get an immediate, automatic discount. You can add up to six cars (all registered at the same address) with a discount applied individually for each one. Discounts don’t apply to any optional extras, but who doesn’t love a saving?

Less hassle

Get a quote for your home and cars, even if some of the cover isn't needed until later in the year. You can even amend your policy to add or change your cars later in the year too, because we know life can be unexpected.

What does Multi Cover insurance include?

  • You can add your home and up to six cars onto one policy, because it’s not always as simple as one house, one car is it?
  • One policy and one renewal date for your car (or cars) and your home, so that’s one less date to remember.
  • You can add your home and car (or cars) at the same time, schedule some for later, or add them in afterwards, we know things are always changing.
  • If you tell us when you'd like other cars on the policy to start, we'll guarantee the price you pay, so no nasty surprises.
  • Not ready to add more cars? No worries, adding a car at a later date will still get you a discount!

What’s the Multi Cover insurance catch?

There actually isn’t one… yes, really! If you have all your insurance policies in one place, it means that we can justify giving Multi Cover discounts, and that can’t be all bad can it? Plus, if you have multiple policies across various providers it means a whole lot of paperwork for you and often that comes with hassle and headaches. Believe it or not, we really do just want to make things simpler for you, so Multi Cover is a great start.


Is Multi Cover insurance right for me?

Well, that’s for you to decide, but if you like the idea of having your car insurance and home insurance under one virtual roof, then yes, we reckon Multi Cover is for you. It’s less time, less money and one less pile of paperwork. Life’s complicated enough, insurance doesn’t need to be.

Have we got you thinking about Multi Cover insurance?

Multi Cover Insurance