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What is Critical Illness cover?

What is Critical Illness cover?

How does Critical Illness Cover work?

It's easy to think a critical illness isn't going to happen to you, but should the worst happen you can help make sure your family and loved ones are protected by easing their financial worries. Life Insurance with Critical Illness will pay out if you die or are diagnosed with a critical illness during the term of the policy.

Do I need Critical Illness Cover?

Critical Illness cover can help minimise the financial impact on you and your family if you become critically ill (see the critical illnesses covered). Adding it as an option when you take out Life Insurance, can give you the extra protection and the peace of mind you may need. 


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So, what will you get if you add Critical Illness cover to your life insurance?

Cover features

Let's take a closer look at what your Critical Illness cover will include

  • Enhanced claim payments for 17 conditions covered and we'll pay double - up to a maximum of £200,000.
  • We'll pay £1,000 if you're diagnosed with one of the cancers and treatment covered by this policy (as long as it's not listed as an exclusion in your policy schedule).
  • Up to £25,000 worth of Critical Illness cover for your children from birth until their 23rd birthday.
  • We pay double if a child's claim is made as a direct result of an accident (for ten listed conditions - see the critical illnesses covered) - up to a maximum of £50,000.
  • Junior Option - your child has the chance to take out a critical illness policy of their own, up to £25,000, without having to go through medical underwriting if it is within six months of their 23rd birthday. 
  • If your child dies during the policy we'll pay £5,000 towards funeral costs in addition to any claim payments.

Important information

Here's the need-to-know info, so you have the full picture

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  • Available to UK residents aged 17 to 64.
  • Your policy must last for at least 5 years (our minimum term), and can't last for longer than 50 years (our maximum term). The policy must end before any person insured reaches the age of 80.
  • We only pay for the critical illnesses covered in our policy and no others.
  • Adult critical illness claims will only be paid if you survive for at least 14 days after being diagnosed (this doesn’t apply to claims for children’s cover).
  • We won’t pay a claim if you die as a result of intentionally taking your own life within the first 12 months of your policy.
  • If you stop paying your premiums you won't get any money back and your cover may stop.
  • This is a term policy, so you will only be covered for the length of cover you have chosen.
  • Once the policy ends, the cover stops and you won't get any money back. 

Please read the policy summary and policy conditions to help you understand the full features of this product.

The information given in these pages should not be seen as advice to take out this plan so if you're happy that the product meets your needs you can apply online, or over the phone through LifeSearch.

Member Compensation Eligibility

If the proposed transaction with Bain Capital goes ahead in full, members with an active policy will get a member compensation payment. To qualify for this payment new applications for member-qualifying products need to have been submitted before 11.59pm on Sunday 28 February 2021. Member qualifying policies also need to be in place when and if the transaction is fully completed.

Please note additional features could be available on this type of product, including total permanent disability, inflation-linked cover, reviewable premiums and enhanced conditions for children’s critical illness and specified complications of pregnancy. Should you wish to discuss additional features, you can contact LifeSearch on 0800 197 2268. LV= have chosen to partner with LifeSearch to offer customers independent advice for protection products.

Cover options

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