We'll need your permission to get a medical report

As part of your life insurance application we may need to contact your doctor for a medical report.

There could be a number of reasons for this, such as...

  • You’ve told us something in your application that we need more information about.
  • The amount of life cover you have applied for.
  • We want to check that the information you have provided to us is correct.


The reason we do this is to help us better understand the risk that we are insuring and to ensure that everyone pays a fair price for their insurance.

Access to Medical Reports

Insurers are allowed to ask for a medical report from your doctor under the Access to Medical Reports Act (1988) or the Access to Personal Files and Medical Reports Order 1991 (Northern Ireland only).

During the online application, we’ll ask you to provide:

  • your permission to request a report
  • your GP contact details

This means, if we do need a report, we can contact your doctor quickly to help avoid any delays and to get your cover in place as soon as possible. You’ll also have the option to see the report before it’s sent to us if you want to.

You don’t have to give your consent to us obtaining a medical report, but you won’t be able to complete the online application without agreeing to this.

If you need financial advice or to discuss further options in relation to this we've chosen to partner with LifeSearch to offer you independent advice on which protection products are right for you, from a wide range of protection specialists.

We won’t always ask for a medical report. It is your responsibility to ensure you answer all the questions in your application truthfully and accurately. If you don’t, we may not pay a claim in the future, and could cancel your policy.