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What’s a With-profits product?

With-profit products are long-term investment products where the premiums are pooled together in the with-profits fund and invested. Products that invest in the with-profits fund benefit from bonuses, smoothing (where the investor is cushioned from the ups and downs of the stock market) and/or other guarantees.

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LVFS With-profits products

The following products were issued by LV= or friendly societies acquired by LV= a long time ago.

With-profits products
  • All-in-1 Investment Bond
  • Appropriate Personal Pension policy
  • Bank of Ireland/Liverpool Victoria Group With Profits Bond
  • Family and Legacy Fund
  • Flexi Guarantee Plan
  • Flexible Guarantee Bond (series 1-3)
  • Flexible Guarantee Funds also known as Flexible Guarantee Trustee Investment Plan (series 1-2)
  • Flexible Investment Bond
  • Flexible Personal Pension Plan
  • Flexible Savings Plan (two versions)
  • Flexible Whole Life policy also known as Flexible Whole Life Assurance policy
  • Free-Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution Policy (two rate series)
  • Guaranteed Capital Bond
  • Low cost endowment
  • MAX
  • Mortgage Savings Plan (two versions)
  • Mutual Investment Bond (two versions)
  • Pension Income Plus Annuity
  • Personal Pension Policy (two rate series)
  • Regular Savings Plan
  • Retirement Account Contract aka Ordinary Branch Pension-Annuity
  • Smoothed Managed Fund Trustee Investment Plan
  • Taxable endowment
  • Tax-exempt endowment
  • Tax-exempt whole-of-life
  • Tax-exempt whole-of-life with regular cash payments
  • Tax Free Savings Plan
  • Taxable whole-of-life
  • Taxable whole-of-life with regular cash payments
  • Top-up Company Pension Plan
  • With Profits Growth Bond (two versions)
  • With Profits Income Bond
  • With Profits Investment Bond (two versions)
  • With Profits Life ISA
  • With Profits Pension Annuity (series 1-4)
  • With Profits Retirement Plan

Other LVFS products

These products were issued by LV=

  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Decreasing term assurance – mortgage linked
  • Decreasing term assurance – family income benefit
  • Level term assurance
  • Life Cover Plan
  • Mortgage Linked Life Cover
  • Non-profit annuities 
  • OB Tax-exempt whole-of-life non-profit
  • OB Taxable whole-of-life non-profit
  • OB Taxable endowment non-profit
  • Pension level term assurance
  • Pension Linked Life Cover
  • Pension Term Assurance
  • Retirement Term Assurance
  • 50 Plus plan
  • 50 Plus Whole Life Non Profit
  • Asda Over 50s Life Cover
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Business Expenses
  • Business Momentum
  • Business Protector
  • Budget Income Protector
  • Budget Protector
  • Care Protector
  • Cash Back Temporary
  • Convertible Term
  • Convertible Temporary Life
  • Critical Illness
  • Critical Life
  • Critical Mortgage
  • Decreasing Term Assurance (mortgage linked, family income benefit)
  • Executive Protector
  • Family Income Assurance
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Flexible Mortgage Protection Plan
  • Flexi Protector
  • Flexible Protection Plan
  • Flexible Transitions Account
  • Gift Inter Vivos
  • Income Protection
  • Income Protector
  • Income Benefit Assurance
  • Income Shield
  • Level Term Assurance
  • Life Protection with Tax Relief
  • Life Time+
  • LV= Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Lifestyle Plan
  • Mortgage Payment Protection
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Mortgage Protection Plan
  • Pension Level Term Assurance
  • Quick Cover Life Insurance
  • Relevant Life Cover
  • Sick Pay Insurance
  • Temporary Life Acc.
  • Temporary Life Assurance
  • Term Assurance
  • Term Life Incl. Ben
  • UIB Life Cover Plan
  • UIB Critical Illness Plan
Savings and Retirement
  • Immediate Care Fees Plan (a tax advantaged Purchased Life Annuity)
  • LV= ISA 
  • Pension Annuity
  • Personal Pension
  • Rebate Only Plan
  • Retirement Annuity Term Assurance
  • SIPP
  • SIPP Drawdown
  • Smoothed Managed Funds Trustee Investment Plan
  • Transitions Retirement Plan
  • Trustee Investment Plan


Products issued by Permanent Insurance Company Limited (or were transferred to it from Contingent Life or Minster) and now looked after by LV=.

Product list
  • Non-profit Annuities
  • Permanent Profit Plan
  • Whole-of-life policies
  • Whole-of-life policies (ex-conventional with-profits)

Protection policies also included with “Other LVFS Products”

Teachers Assurance

Products issued by Teachers Assurance now looked after by LV=. Find out more about Teachers Assurance products.

With-profits products
  • Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan (3 series)
  • Covercare Whole of Life (bonus series 1)
  • Endowment (bonus series 1)
  • Endowment Expectations (bonus series 1)
  • Endowment & Family (bonus series 1)
  • Endowment With-Profit (bonus series 2)
  • Guaranteed Growth Bond (2 series remaining)
  • Guaranteed Growth ISA (2 series)
  • Guaranteed ISA
  • Guaranteed Savings Plan (3 series)
  • High Yield Savings Plan (bonus series 1)
  • Income Plan (bonus series 1)
  • Low Cost Endowment (bonus series 1)
  • Over 60’s Savings Plan (bonus series 1) 
  • Regular Savings Plan
  • Retirement Extra Savings Plan (bonus series 1)
  • Retirement Savings Plan (bonus series 1)
  • Savings Growth Plan (bonus series 1)
  • Special Low Cost Endowment (bonus series 1)
  • Special Saver 2001 (bonus series 1)
  • Tax Exempt Savings Plan (3 series)
  • Tax Free Savings Plan (3 series)
  • Teachers Anniversary Bond
  • The Friendly Savings Plan
  • Whole of Life (bonus series 1)
  • Whole of Life With-Profit (bonus series 1)
  • Whole of Life & Family Income (bonus series 1) 


Other products
  • Capital Investment Bond (2 series)
  • Decreasing Term Assurance (mortgage linked, family income benefit)
  • Deposit Sickness Benefit
  • Flexible Savings Plan
  • FSAVC Pension Plan (4 series)
  • Investment Bond
  • Level Term Assurance
  • Non Profit Annuities
  • OB Taxable endowment non-profit
  • OB Taxable whole-of-life non-profit
  • OB Tax-exempt whole-of-life non-profit
  • Pension Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Pension Level Term Assurance
  • Personal Pension Plan (3 series)
  • Personal Retirement Pension Account
  • Stakeholder Pension Plan
  • Surplus Contribution Account


Products issued by the Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses now looked after by LV=. Find out more about RNPFN products.

With-profits products
  • Endowment
  • Guaranteed Moneybuilder
  • Liberty AddPlan
  • Liberty Pension Plan
  • Low Cost Endowment
  • Moneybuilder aka Bonus-Sharing Moneybuilder
  • Retirement Account Contract
  • Whole Life
  • With Profits Bond
Other products
  • Decreasing Term Assurance – mortgage linked
  • Investment Bond
  • Non-profit annuities in Group Schemes
  • Non-profit annuities from vested Moneybuilder (life) policies
  • Non-profit annuities from vested pensions
  • Non-profit deferred annuity – pension
  • Maximum Investment Plan
  • Term Assurance
  • Whole-of-life


Products issued by UIA (Insurance) Limited now looked after by LV=.

Product list
  • Bond (ex-unitised with-profits)
  • Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Senior Plan
  • Taxable endowment
  • Taxable endowment (ex-conventional with-profits)
  • Taxable whole-of-life (ex-conventional with-profits)
  • Taxable whole-of-life
  • Term Assurance