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Life Insurance weight of worry calculator

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Posted 20 January 2017

Weight on your shoulders tool

According to our latest research, personal health, weight issues and getting older are the average British adult’s top three worries, with financial issues another main area of concern. But how heavy those concerns feel – whether they’re featherweight or as heavy as a grizzly bear – varies for each person. Use the LV= Weight of Worry tool to see how much your worries are weighing you down.

Our financial future, general monthly spending, and credit card debt are all worrying - so much so, the average Brit will spend 25 minutes every day thinking about their finances. In fact, our study of 2,000 people aged 18 and over has discovered adults spend an average of two hours and 28 minutes worrying about a variety of things every day – that equates to an incredible 900 hours a year.

Using the findings from the survey, experts here at LV= Life Insurancehave calculated the physical weight people carry on their shoulders due to stress. The study revealed that the majority of people carry an extra 225kg on their shoulders due to everyday worries about everything from their personal health (42%), their weight (30%) and, unsurprisingly, getting older (28%).

The ‘stress formula’ found that money in general is one of the biggest causes of worry for the average British adult, so much so that our experts have worked out the average person carries approximately 69.5kg of excess weight on their shoulders simply by worrying about not having enough money.

Previous research has revealed what things keep people feeling happy too, so it’s comforting to know that there are still things we aren’t worrying about.

Find out how much extra weight your worries add to your shoulders by using the tool below.

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