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ISA Fund options

More information on the ISA fund and the options available

More information

Here's some more information on the LV= ISA:

The aim of the fund

First and foremost, we want to give you a fair return on your investment.

How the fund is managed

The ISA fund is managed by Columbia Threadneedle Investments to meet objectives set by LV=. They are one of the UK’s largest fund managers with over £344 billion assets under management worldwide (Source: www.columbiathreadneedle.co.uk as at 31/03/20).

What the ISA fund is

Our LV= ISA is a non-profit plan which invests in our unit-linked ISA funds. which simply means we use units and unit prices to measure your ISA’s value. The funds can be described as ‘non-profit’ in that LV= will not add any additional bonuses to these funds above and beyond the growth in the value of the funds themselves.

What the fund invests in

The three ISA funds are unit linked funds each containing a mix of different investment types, including shares (equities), commercial property and fixed interest investments such as corporate and government bonds

fund options

Your ISA options explained

A choice of three multi-asset, risk-rated fund options to invest in

Optional guarantee

Protect your investment with an optional guarantee

We know it’s vital to feel comfortable with your investment choices. That’s why when you invest in the Cautious Fund you have the option of buying a capital guarantee

  • If you invest in our Cautious Fund you can benefit from an optional 10-year capital guarantee. This can be purchased on initial premiums, when further investments are made, or on the expiry of a previous guarantee.
  • This additional security can be particularly useful if you wish to preserve your investments and are worried about market downturns.
  • Your guarantee means that at the end of the term, your ISA’s value will be at least the value on the start date minus any withdrawals, on-going and ad hoc adviser charges. Naturally, if your ISA is worth more than the guaranteed amount you’ll get the extra as well.


How smoothing your investments works

  • Smoothing is a unique method designed to level out the peaks and troughs of the stock market.
  • The value of your investment is based on the average daily unit prices over the preceding 26 weeks. It’s a process designed to give you a more stable return on your investment.

A more in-depth explanation can be found in our LV= ISA Customer Guide (PDF, 2.7MB). You can also find out more information in our 'your questions answered' section.

Next steps

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