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ISA Charges

Understand your ISA charges

ISA Charges

What expenses will be charged to your ISA?

There are various costs involved in setting up and looking after your ISA. These costs range from your initial adviser charge, administration and fund management fees - plus any other charges that your financial adviser may discuss with you

Funds - Annual Management Charge

The Annual Management Charge is based on your chosen fund option and is taken monthly. 

  • ISA Extra Cautious Fund – 1.0%
  • ISA Cautious Fund – 1.0%
  • ISA Balanced Fund – 1.1%
  • ISA Growth Fund – 1.2%
  • ISA Impact Growth Fund – 1.2%


Guarantee – Annual Terms and Charges

Guarantees are bought at an extra monthly cost and will be fully explained in your policy documents. 

  • 10 year term Guarantee Charge on the ISA Cautious Fund – 1.0%

All charges are regularly reviewed and may change from time to time. Your financial adviser will be happy to provide details of the current terms and charges.


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