A guide to the cheapest vans to insure

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There are plenty of reasons to buy a van. They provide more space for kids, storing equipment or pursuing a hobby you love. There are a variety of van types available, making the average costs of van insurance tricky to calculate.

  • There are different van insurance groups
  • Various factors affect van insurance costs
  • Personal, professional and other usage impacts premiums

When purchasing a van, there are several factors to look out for to keep insurance costs down. From its size to the average costs of repairs, check out our ultimate guide to help you find the cheapest van insurance without compromising on cover.

Van insurance groups explained

Van insurance groups work the same as those for car insurance, with different types of vehicles falling into various categories that influence the insurance quote you’re offered. The higher the group, the higher your premium is likely to be.

Van insurance groups breakdown

Insurers look at a wide range of factors to calculate your van insurance policy. The main 5 are:

  1. Performance – How fast your van can go. This is usually measured by comparing the maximum speed to its weight. Faster vans are generally given higher groupings as statistically they’re more likely to be involved in a claim.
  2. Engine size – A bigger engine equals more power so you are more likely to pay higher premiums.
  3. Weight – While lighter vans usually offer higher performance, heavier vans can also be placed in high insurance groups as they are often harder to drive and control.
  4. Cost of parts and repairs – The more expensive your van’s parts are, the higher the premiums. This is because if an incident does occur, repairs will be more expensive.
  5. Security – The more expensive your van, the more likely it is to be stolen, which can affect your insurance costs. However, having the latest security features fitted can help significantly.

Choosing the right van model

When choosing your van, it’s important not to rely too heavily on these factors. A smaller van that has a lower insurance premium won’t work if there’s not enough storage space. Instead, focus on what you want to get from your van and shop around to find the best model.

For instance, if you want to find a replacement for your everyday car, which still offers the same speed and comfort but with additional load space, manufacturers like Ford have smaller car-like models  that often carry lower premiums.

If it’s durability you’re after, Renault offer loading vans with smaller engines , making them more fuel efficient – although they can carry less weight as a result.

If you need maximum performance and maximum weight, Vauxhall have a range of vans  that come with pre-installed security features to help keep the costs and risks down.

Overall cost of van insurance 

There are other factors that insurers take into consideration before offering you a van insurance quote:

  1. Age – Younger drivers or those with little-to-no driving history pay higher premiums on their insurance as they are more likely to be involved in a claim. 
  2. Location – Van insurance quotes can also be affected by where you live. A van in a built-up city will be more expensive to insure than one in a remote village. Not only that, but if you live in a high-crime area, insurers may increase your insurance premiums. 
  3. Claim history – If you’ve made several claims on any vehicle-related policy you may be deemed a high claims risk, meaning more expensive quotes. 
  4. Security – As stated above, fitted security features can lower your insurance costs.

Finding cheap van insurance

When it comes to finding cheaper van insurance, research is key. Before purchasing a van, consider all the factors, from the size of its engine to its mileage. If you have a specific model in mind, look online.

You’ll also need to consider what you’ll be using the van for, as this affects the type of cover you need. If you are solely using your van for private use – family trips, shopping, hobby equipment – your insurance may be cheaper than if you use it to travel to work.

Once you’ve found your dream van and are ready to get on the road, make sure you get a van insurance quote.


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