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Pickup truck insurance

Pickup truck cover that won’t let you down
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Why choose LV=?

Because there's a truck-load of great features to enjoy from the very start :-)

Here are a few perks you might like:
What's covered?

Accidental damage? Check. Write-offs? No problem. Driving in Europe? Sure thing.

(Oh, and there's more with our comprehensive cover...)

  • Accidental damage cover
    Scratched or dented your pickup truck? We pay for repairs so it's as good as it was before the accident 
  • Uninsured driver promise
    If the other driver is not insured and the accident is not your fault, you keep your no claim discount and there's no excess to pay – as long as you have the details of the other vehicle and driver
  • Misfuelling cover
    Accidentally filled your pickup with the wrong fuel? It happens. We pay to drain and flush your fuel tank, as well as cover the damage to the engine
  • European cover
    Get the same level of cover as you have in the UK in the EU for up to 180 days a year. Perfecto!
  • Vandalism promise
    If your truck is vandalised and you have to claim, you'll keep your no claim discount – you'll just need to pay your excess
  • Replacement child car seats
    We’ll replace your child car seats if your pickup has been in an accident – even if there’s no apparent damage
  • New locks and keys 
    If your keys are lost or stolen. After all, accidents happen

    What's not covered...

  • Hire and reward use 

    If you're a courier or delivery driver we can't cover you unfortunately – you'll need to get a specialist hire and reward policy
  • Any business tools or equipment
    If you're a builder, for example, there will be no cover for any tools or goods in your pickup truck during a theft, fire or accident
  • Use of a pickup truck if you select ‘replacement hire car’
    Depending on what you choose, your replacement vehicle will either be a small hatch back or similar-sized car up to 2.0 litre and 7 seats

From tireless workhorse to trendy play thing

Up until relatively recently, pickup trucks were seen as reliable workhorses – perfect for moving equipment and other large items around without fuss, but hardly the first choice of the well-heeled. But times change. 

Today, higher-end pickup trucks are seen as a tempting alternative to traditional estate cars, and even give many modern SUVs a run for their money in the desirability department. 

With most manufacturers offering a range of smooth petrol and diesel engines and oodles of in-cabin refinement as standard, there’s much to like about the vehicle once synonymous with the harsh Australian outback – rather than the towns and cities of the UK.

And with loading and towing capacities that most modern family cars could only dream of, pickup trucks will also get the most challenging jobs done if it comes time to swap town living to country life.

Types of pickups we cover:

  • Nissan Navaro
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Mitsubishi L200
  • VW Amarok
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Mercedes X-Class
Pickup Truck Insurance Optional Extras

Load your personal pickup truck cover with our selection of handy optional extras

Choose from five different add-ons:
Policy documents

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