Pensions and Retirement Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between advice and guidance?

Advice is given by a professional adviser such as IFAs, financial planners, wealth managers and pension specialists. Advice is regulated by the FCA, protecting you from negligent advice and will give you tailored recommendations for your individual circumstances and ensure that the best option or combination of options for your circumstances is found, even if this goes against what you originally thought to be the best decision for you. Taking advice usually costs money.

At LV= we’ve been specialising in providing trusted and regulated retirement advice for over 20 years. Our friendly advisers will get to know you and find out what you want your retirement to look like. They’ll help shape your options to help you meet your goals and enjoy a safe, secure retirement.

Learn more about how our pension advisers can help you plan for retirement and get your pensions ready for the retirement you want to enjoy. You can request a call back from one of our friendly advisers today.

Guidance gives a general overview of the options available on the market for free by highly trained specialists. Guidance services won't tell you what to do with your money and you will need to research the market to find the right products and providers to suit your needs and preferences. There's no protection available, but taking guidance is a good place to start to help you understand the various choices available.

Pension Wise is a government service from MoneyHelper that offers free, impartial pensions guidance about your defined contribution pension options. 

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