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Lifetime Mortgage Lump Sum +

Designed to let you release a sum of money in the form of a loan from your property. 

Why Choose a Lump Sum Lifetime mortgage

If you need to release equity for a specific expense, you could borrow a one off lump sum.

  • This money could be used to carry out some necessary home improvements, to repay debts, to go on a dream holiday, to help your family or to improve your standard of living. The choice is yours.
  • Interest on the mortgage is calculated from the date your mortgage starts, using the fixed interest rate detailed in your mortgage offer. It’s added to the amount you owe daily and is compounded yearly from the date your mortgage starts until the loan is repaid.
  • You don’t actually pay any of this interest until the loan is repaid, which normally happens when you die or go into long term care.
  • The minimum lump sum we will lend is £10,000.

This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.

Borrowing more in the future

If your circumstances change, you may be able to borrow more

  • If you choose the lump sum option and decide later you want to borrow more this may be possible although it’s not guaranteed.
  • If you know already that you're likely to want to borrow more in the future, our Lifetime Mortgage Drawdown+ might suit your needs better.

Make an ENQUIRY 

If you are an existing lifetime mortgage customer with us please call:

Mon to Fri 8:30am-6pm

For TextDirect: First dial 18001

We will record and/or monitor calls for training and audit purposes


To start an equity release enquiry, contact your independent financial adviser, or find one specialising in equity release through the Equity Release Council (ERC).