Member supPORT

For when life throws you a curve ball

“For weeks, I have been trying to compose a letter of thanks to your team. I am afraid that I am rather slow these days you see. Usually, I do not have a problem with words. This time I did. Firstly, I was ashamed that I had to ask for support.  So ashamed. Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Plus Syndrome, my world has shrunk in so many ways. I also know only too well what my condition entails and what lays ahead of me. I cannot pretend either, that the pain I suffer, together with other aspects of my condition, have not given me some very dark days. I did not want to go on.  Your gift to me, helps not just me, but the whole of my small family. As looking after someone in my condition is a huge burden. Your support has been life-enhancing.               

When I was given the news over the telephone that I was to receive your support; I must admit that I broke down. I was in a dark place, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Your telephone call. Your support. Your gift to me is life-changing. A mere “Thank you” cannot convey what your support team has achieved for one human being. You have saved my life."  -Anne


“The Member Support Fund helped me out a lot, the payment I received helped ease the money worries my wife and I have at this time, this was due to me being a self-employed joiner and I’ve been off work 11 weeks with no wages.

The fund helped a lot to pay a few bills and took some stress off our shoulders that month.

I thought there was no help, but thank you to LV='s member fund for the help I received."  -Garry

“I want to say a huge thank you to LV=. I have a nurse's pension and have been struggling financially for some time due to many factors. I saw that they might be able to help financially to help tide myself and my family over in hard times. I applied for the fund which was such an easy process and spoke to one of the team who were so very understanding and helpful. I think at times of hardship it’s hard to ask for help as I know I felt ashamed and fear of being judged. This really was not the case here. Just a big thank you to the team and to the company LV=."   -Janet
“I reached out for help when I didn’t know where or who to turn to. I was desperate. As a single mother in isolation “Samantha” from LV= was so supportive, calm and caring. The financial help from LV= during Covid-19 in my time of need was better than I envisaged. Professional and empathetic.  Best decision I ever made was signing with LV=. Forever grateful."   -Dyonne

“In a time when our world came crashing down with my wife’s cancer diagnosis and we had plans made for our life, it all changed in every sense. I was already in an IVA and my wife was caring for her mother and couldn’t any longer. We were financially in trouble so was going through my policies to see if there was any help in a time of need! 

LV=, we can never thank you enough for at the hardest time you allocated some funds which have been a tremendous help for fuel to hospital, heating and essentials.

My wife, daughter and I are truly thankful and glad we are with you. I urge people that all is not lost and there is help out there."   -William