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Member Support

We want our members to live more confident lives so we’d like to tell you about our Member Support.

Designed to give our members a helping hand when life throws them a curve ball they can reach out to us and apply for practical support or a financial boost.

If you're a member and have been with us for more than a year and you or someone in your family needs support please complete a request form.

Get in touch

The Member Support Team are here to answer any questions you may have

Call 0800 876 6166 between 9am-5pm on weekdays

Take a look at how we’ve helped some of our members

We’d like to share how we’ve helped our members so please read the below case studies.

two recliner chairs

Dave has severe scoliosis. His wife Jane gave up work to become his full time carer but she also became unwell and underwent surgery and radiotherapy.

In order for Dave to be comfortable at home and require less support from Jane, we provided him with a dual motor riser recliner chair to make things a little easier.

Woman with a walking frame holding a little girls hand

Kathleen suffers from pulmonary hyper tension making it difficult for her to get around without becoming breathless and exhausted.

Her physician recommended an outdoor walking frame with a seat that she can use when out and about. Finding it hard to make ends meet, we provided funding for the walking frame.

Woman on a mobility scooter

Paul’s wife Emily suffers from Ehlers Danlos 2 syndrome and fibromyalgia and is confined to the home.

He’d love his wife to be able to leave the house and gain back some independence but she needs a mobility scooter to do this. We sent Paul the money so that he could purchase a mobility scooter for Emily.

Blue sofa with cushions

Katie, a 42 year old single mum, suffered a traumatic experience in her 20s which has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression making daily tasks a struggle. She had to give up work on medical grounds and has also been diagnosed with a blood disorder which causes strokes and deep vein thrombosis.

Katie experiences pain on a daily basis and often has to sleep on her sofa. She needed a new sofa to make resting downstairs more comfortable and we made this happen.