When won’t you pay my Income Protection claim?

Although we’d like to pay all claims, there are times where it wouldn’t be right


We won’t pay your Income Protection claim in the following situations:

you’ve claimed for something that isn’t covered under your policy
we identify misrepresentation
 we’ve found your involvement or association with financial crime

What's misrepresentation?

Misrepresentation is where we find out that you've given us untrue, inaccurate or misleading information, when: 

making your initial application
making a claim
when applying to change your policy
or if applying to restart your policy

The vast majority of our customers are honest and have valid claims that we'll pay. In fact, we paid 96% of all Income Protection claims in 2017 around £12.8m total in claims*. But when we can’t it’s because we must operate a responsible policy in paying claims so we can protect our customers. If we didn’t, the cost of cover for everyone would become too expensive. Rest assured that we judge all claims on a case by case basis.

Also, please keep in mind if we find you're involved in financial crime we can pass details to crime prevention and law enforcement agencies.

*These figures include all new claims paid in 2017, and all claims we were paying before 2017 that we continued to pay during 2017


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