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Our established advice business has been providing specialist guidance and advice to pension scheme members for over 20 years

Here are some reasons to get in touch…

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  • A flexible approach. That means members can choose the help they need, when they need it. We always provide the service your members need through our unique triage service – even if that means they take no financial advice.
  • Whole of the market. We offer pensions and annuity products offered from the whole of the market.
  • Confusion to confidence. We make sure members are fully equipped to make the right decision for their circumstances. We believe by providing education to members on their options, this gives them confidence to make the right decisions for their retirement.
  • Offering peace of mind. Our service is well governed, with principles, processes and practices. These are designed to ensure the quality and consistency of advice and achieve good member outcomes.
  • Competitive pricing. We provide an affordable pricing structure that is clear and transparent from the outset. This means no hidden fees emerge during the process.
  • Trusted and impartial advice. We’re proud to be committed to the Gold Standard. This means we adhere to these good practice principles from the Personal Finance Society to deliver quality pension transfer advice from our in-house pension transfer specialists.

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What we offer

We’re specialists in providing guidance and advice services to help your members retire with confidence

Defined contribution advice

Helping members access their pension pot

A dedicated, focussed service for members requiring financial advice on what to do with their defined contribution workplace pension scheme savings. 

  • Full advice that takes into account the member’s individual circumstances and provides a personal recommendation on the most suitable way for the member to access their pension savings using the workplace pension scheme or by utilising an alternative product.
  • Members taking advice under this service will continue to be protected by workplace pension scheme governance through retirement, and also be protected as a ‘retail client’ by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

Defined benefit advice

Helping members understand the valuable benefits from their scheme

We pride ourselves on our unique and robust in-house triage service that helps members fully understand the benefits available to them from their scheme and the consequences of transferring out. 

The advice journey will be delivered by pension transfer specialists at every step (as opposed to simply signing off the advice) who are salaried employees of LV= and do not receive commission.

We believe in educating members before starting the advice process which allows them to understand their valuable benefits before they commit to incurring a fee:

  • We’ll provide them with exclusive access to a suite of educational videos provided by MoneyAlive and endorsed by The Pensions Management Institute, to help them decide whether they should transfer out of their scheme or seek advice.
  • We also offer a complimentary informal chat with one of our pension transfer specialists. 

If the member has agreed to proceed with our advice, our pension transfer specialists will provide members with financial advice and a personal recommendation to ensure they get the right outcome for their circumstances. Our ‘safety-first’ advice principles also ensure essential income needs are taken into account as a priority to mitigate the risk of the member running out of money too soon.

Our transfer advice incorporates a full range of options. Our advisers will consider whether the member should remain in the Scheme as well as looking at open market annuities and flexible income options using investment funds from the largest asset management firms.

Our pension transfer specialists carry out all Transfer Value Comparators in-house whilst carefully analysing the members’ situation, needs and objectives before recommending whether these can be met by remaining in their existing scheme or transferring out. 

Our competitive fixed fee pricing structure is clear and transparent from the outset, so there will be no hidden fees emerging during the process.

Guaranteed annuity rate

Getting the right outcome for members

We’re experienced in helping companies who have a Guaranteed Annuity Rate (GAR) liability. We’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your corporate responsibilities whilst also considering your regulatory and risk concerns and ensuring good customer outcomes.

We’ll research the whole of market and recommend the GAR with the most cost effective option as well as ensuring your members get their contractual income. We’ll also make sure your members fully understand the GAR and their options to help them make informed decisions to get the best outcome for their retirement.

Annuity broking

Annuity broking and guidance

LV= Annuity Broking

We provide expert help for members wanting to exercise their Open Market Option and purchase an annuity. Our experts seek to secure a superior income to the one offered through their scheme. They have access to the best annuity rates from across the whole of the market ensuring your members get the highest income available.

We will also provide support for members who want to buy a guaranteed income for life and don’t want advice.


We believe in helping members plan for a better retirement. We help members understand their options and answer any queries they may have about planning for retirement. 

We can also provide guidance to members on choosing the right solution for their individual circumstances. We’ll support them on their next steps for how best to access their hard-earned pension savings and how to get the most out of them.

A dedicated member helpdesk

Members can access specialist support by calling the freephone number to our Bournemouth-based retirement options specialists. They are on hand to help and will make sure your members fully understand their retirement options. 

Member engagement

Our tailored support helps members make confident and informed choices. We can offer a range of tailored communications, including member guides, online tools, education and workplace seminars to help them make better decisions for their retirement.

Regulated financial advice

Our expert advisers provide a personalised plan. This offers recommendations based on the best solution for each member. So they'll get the most out of their pension savings - safely and securely.

We can advise members who have a defined contribution pension. We’re also specialists in providing specific advice on more complex schemes - including those in a defined benefit scheme or master trust pension schemes.

Professional team of experts

Our qualified financial advisers support with a range of financial planning. This includes Pension Transfer Advisers and advice to members of defined benefit schemes.

Our team of Retirement Options Specialists offer guidance to members on their retirement plans. They provide a non-advised service for members looking to purchase an annuity.

Product recommendations from across the market

Our financial advisers are qualified to recommend solutions from the whole of market for pension and annuities.


We make sure our communications are clear and jargon free at every touchpoint. We’re proud to have signed up to the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce to show our commitment to being truly customer centric to ensure all our communications are delivered clearly and concisely in every case. I also have a logo to add at the end of this. 

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Who we work with

  • We’ve been carefully selected and are a proud partner who are trusted to provide a high valued retirement service to some of the industry’s biggest names.
  • We have experience working with many leading EBCs, corporate partners, trustees and scheme sponsors of defined benefit and defined contribution schemes to help respond to the increased demands for financial education and advice solutions through the workplace.
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