Receiving nuisance calls? Don't fall victim

What is vishing?

Vishing is another way for fraudsters to commit financial crime - by using the phone to get private, personal and financial information from unsuspecting people.

  • Vishers make cold calls during which they ask for personal information within what seems like a normal conversation. You may, for example, have had calls asking about accidents or injuries (which you may or may not have had), offering compensation. Or they may impersonate LV= and ask you to reveal details you’ve already given us. These calls are primarily made by marketing firms or claims management companies who make contact with many people – without knowing if you’ve been in an accident or not. Vishing is not restricted to the insurance industry, callers impersonate many financial institutions, the Police and other trusted companies.

what to do

What to do if you experience a nuisance call

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  • Only give your personal information when you are sure the caller is genuine. LV= will always invite you to call us back for re-assurance.
  • If you suspect a vishing call, ask for more information from the caller, including their name, company, contact details, the reason for their call and where they got your number.

What's LV= doing about Vishing and how do LV= protect you?

What's LV= doing about Vishing?

It's difficult for us to investigate each individual case, especially where there isn't a lot of information about the caller. We conduct regular analysis of inbound calls received by the business and information provided by customers that are considered as suspicious vishing or nuisance calls.

The calls are collated and reviewed to identify organisations or trends that may cause a risk not only to our customers but also the business, particularly our policy and claim areas.

How do LV= protect you?

When managing your claim, we may pass your details to our approved suppliers such as garages, hire companies and solicitors so that they can assist you with your claim. However, we will always let you know in advance who they are and why they'll be contacting you.

We don't sell any data and being FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated and ICO (Information Commissioners Office) registered, LV= has a duty to protect its customers, employees and members. To do this we have strict controls and robust procedures in place that prevent and detect fraud or financial crime.