LV= Wealth and Wellbeing Research Programme, edition 15

How people in the UK feel about their finances and wellbeing

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Our research gives a unique snapshot of the UK’s financial and emotional health.

This helps us understand the hopes and concerns of the nation, allowing us to better serve our members and communities. Our latest research highlights the degree of financial confidence of different age groups and the impact of the cost of living.

Wellness tracker +19

The LV= Wellness Tracker has seen an increase of 2 points in the last three months to +19 . In comparison to this time last year, this is up 4 points. The LV= Wellness Tracker measures those who say they are comfortable against those who are struggling, indicating the current level of the nation’s financial resilience. Scores can range from +100 to -100. 

Key findings:

Young people and finance

The UK’s cost of living crisis has been especially tough on young people, and it is having a negative impact on their health:

  • Gen Z (18-26yrs) are most likely to fall behind on utility bills, credit card loans, and mortgage and rent payments.
  • Gen Z are also the most likely to have sought face to face mental health support.
  • Baby Boomer (59-77yrs), Silent (78-95yrs) and Greatest (96yrs+) generations are not reporting these financial challenges, possibly suggesting a contrasting view of financial ‘wellness’.

Financial risk

Our data takes a look at peoples’ attitudes to financial risk

  • 60% of UK adults are not comfortable with financial uncertainty.
  • 55% agree they’re more concerned about potential losses than gains when faced with a financial decision.
  • 44% of all consumers prefer a low chance of loss and potential returns above inflation when it comes to choosing a savings or investment product.

Finding financial information

Our data shows many people don’t know where to look for help when making financial decisions:

  • Around 1 in 4 have never researched or asked for advice on their personal finances.
  • A third of consumers would go to consumer education websites when looking for help making decisions on personal finances.
  • 27% of 18-24 year olds are using sources such as blogs, podcasts, YouTube and social media.
  • Older generations are more likely to say they feel knowledgeable enough to make financial decisions without research or advice. 

Financial confidence of women

Our research has uncovered that women have more doubts than men when making decisions on their personal finances:

  • Non-retired women feel a lot less confident than men that they will have saved enough to retire. Only around a third of women (35%) feel confident vs. half (51%) of men. 
  • Men are more comfortable relying on their past experiences than women when making decisions about their personal finances. (24% men vs. 17% of women).

Financial confidence

Our data shows gaps in financial knowledge for certain groups at key life stages.

The right knowledge could help you to increase your financial confidence and plan for a secure future.

It’s important you use trustworthy and reliable sources when doing your research.

Here’s some useful resources to get you started:

There’s plenty more to help you in our pensions and retirement guides and life insurance guides section.

LV= surveyed 4,000 nationally representative UK adults via an online omnibus conducted by Opinium in December 2023.UK population stats from ONS. Total UK adult population is 53.2m UK adults (aged 18+).

A message from our CEO

"We see that more people are reporting feeling more positive than they were twelve months ago. However, there’s more to do. To help people live more financially confident lives, we’re signposting useful information on managing their finances and planning for the future."

David Hynam, Chief Executive, LV=

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