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LV= Wealth and Wellbeing Research Programme, edition 13

A quarterly snapshot of the nation - Edition 13

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edition 13 - third anniversary edition 

"We've combed through three years of data, taking us from pandemic to present.

In this anniversary edition, we explore what challenges people have faced and how their priorities have changed. This research helps us understand the hopes and concerns of the nation, allowing us to better serve our members and communities."

LV= Wellness Tracker

A unique measure of the nation's financial resilience

Wellness tracker graph 

The LV= Wellness Tracker measures those who say they are ‘comfortable’ (58%) against those who are struggling (42%), indicating the current level of the nation’s financial resilience (+17).

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Key findings from edition 13

Half of adults aged 35-54 struggling financially

More people aged 35-54 (51%) would describe their financial situation as “struggling” than other age groups. This “stretched middle” age group typically have more financial responsibilities such as children, a mortgage and elderly parents. See more on page 6.

More focus on health, less focus on careers

Since 2020, nearly half of UK adults are putting more focus on their physical health. Many are also prioritising family time. See more on page 9.

Outgoings remain high but outlook continues to improve

While supermarket spend remains high, some other household costs have reduced. Most British people still hold a negative view of their current finances, but there are hints of an upturn. See more on page 12.

Longitudinal data

LV= Wealth and Wellbeing Research Programme indices

Since June 2020, we've tracked changes in consumer spending, saving and financial outlook. 

Read more on how these indices have tracked in our latest research.