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about teachers assurance

Teachers Assurance was the trading name of Teachers Provident Society Limited

  • It was founded in 1877 by the organisation that became the National Union of Teachers (NUT) as a mutual friendly society. It provided sick pay, annuities and endowments before teachers received help from the Government towards finances or pensions.
  • It aimed to provide simple and affordable savings and protection schemes to help ensure teachers had more financial security and lived better lives, both while working and in retirement. It maintained strong relations with the NUT throughout its existence. The in-force business of Teachers Assurance was transferred to LV= on 1st June 2016.

Transfer to LV=

Following the vote in favour of transfer to LV= by Teachers Assurance members at the Special General Meeting in December 2015 and the agreement of the regulators, Teachers Assurance business was transferred to LV= 1 June 2016. The administration of Teachers policies is carried out in Bournemouth.

For more information on the transfer to LV=, the policies sold by Teachers Assurance and how to contact us, see the Instrument of Transfer document (PDF, 327KB).

LVFS Membership

If you hold a Teachers with-profits, unit-linked or other life policies transferred to LV= , you are a member of Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited and are entitled to the range of member benefits. However you won't qualify for Mutual Bonus or Exit Bonus which is only paid to members with a with-profits policy invested in the LVFS with-profits fund. 

You can read more on our members webpages.

Sovereign Unitholders

  • If you held a Sovereign Classic NISA, Unit Trust or Junior ISA at close of business with Teachers Assurance on 29 October 2015, this was transferred to Columbia Threadneedle on 30 October 2015. You should have received information about how to contact them so please refer to this.

The small print

LV= and Teachers Assurance are registered trademarks of Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited (LVFS) and trading styles of the Liverpool Victoria group of companies. The service offered by LV= for Teachers Assurance is designed for teaching professionals and their families.

Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited, registered in England with registration number 12383237 is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, register number 110035. Registered address for LVFS: County Gates, Bournemouth, BH1 2NF. Tel: 01202 292333