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Pensions & Retirement

Change the name on your policy

Changed your name and need to let us know? Just fill in the form below and we'll be happy to help. 

If you're not the policy holder and want to make a change, please phone 0800 032 2990.

Once you submit your form, we'll start the process of changing your name but in the meantime you'll need to send us proof of your name change to:

LV= Retirement Solutions,Pease House, Tilehouse Street, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 2DX

We'll need the following certificates:

  • Marriage - Original Marriage Certificate, with a specimen signature (new and old)
  • Divorce - Decree Absolute, with a specimen signature (new and old)
  • Deed poll - Original change of name deed, with a specimen signature (new and old)

Find out how we use your personal information and what rights you have by reading How LV= use your personal information. This includes who we are, how long we hold your information, what we do with it and who we share it with. Please let us know if you'd like us to send you a copy or have any questions. 

Your personal details

Your personal details

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