Annual General Meeting

Our 2020 AGM results and summary

Information correct as at 30 September 2020

Due to Covid-19, we weren't able to hold our Annual General Meeting in the normal way. So this year, our board met virtually to conduct the Meeting. You can find out the results below.

The Meeting was held at 3pm on Wednesday 30 September.

Thank you to all of our members who voted in our 2020 AGM either by post or online.

  • During the formal proceedings 13 Ordinary Resolutions and one Special Resolution were passed.
  • The Meeting was held virtually with the board in attendance, as well as two LV= employees who hold a member qualifying product and are entitled to vote in the AGM. This was so that we could achieve a quorum for the Meeting.
  • We received 50,249 proxy votes.
  • Our total turnout of votes was 5.20%, of which 24% were conducted online.
  • The results for each of the Resolutions are shown in the table below.

We're delighted that, because of our members' votes, Maggie's will receive a £20,000 donation to go towards the incredible work that they do.

You can find out more information about Maggie's and the support they provide on their website

Meeting summary

  Resolutions for 2020  % in favour 
1 To receive the Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2019.   99.33%
2 To appoint Mark Hartigan as a director.   98.30%
3 To appoint Seamus Creedon as a director.   97.40%
4 To appoint Susan McInnes as a director.   98.58%
5 To re-appoint Alan Cook as a director.   97.83%
To re-appoint Alison Hutchinson as a director.   98.43%
To re-appoint Colin Ledlie as a director.   98.08%
8 To re-appoint David Barral as a director.   98.22%
9 To re-appoint Luke Savage as a director.   98.07%
10 To re-appoint Wayne Snow as a director.   97.82%
11  To approve the 2019 Directors’ Remuneration Report for the year ended 31 December 2019.   95.98%
12 To re-appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as the Company’s auditor until the end of the next AGM.   97.30%
13  To authorise the Audit Committee to determine the auditor’s remuneration.   98.08%
14  To adopt new Articles of Association of the Company in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the existing Articles of Association.   98.63%


Our member’s questions, which were tabled at the Meeting, and the minutes of the Meeting are available to view in the Annual General Meeting library below. 

Your questions answered

Usually, members who attend an AGM are invited to ask our board questions during the Meeting. As we couldn’t do that this year we gave our members the chance to submit a question which was tabled at the Meeting. We received 31 questions which are available for you to read below.