Annual General Meeting

Our 2020 AGM will be held on Wednesday 30 September

Head over to our voting site to vote online

  • You can have your say, and vote, by post or online. 
  • By post, simply complete the voting form attached to your AGM notification and send it back to us in the enclosed envelope. There’s no need for a stamp, unless you’re sending it back to us from outside the UK.
  • To vote online you just need to head over to our online voting site and follow the steps. You’ll need your two part voting code which is on your AGM letter. 

Our AGM is happening later than usual and is closed to members

  • Due to Covid-19 our 2020 AGM will be held at our Head Office in Bournemouth.
  • To comply with the social distancing guidelines, and to ensure everyone’s safety, the Meeting will be closed to members.
  • You can still have your say and vote, either by post or online. Details of how to vote online can be found below.
  • Your votes count. If we receive 40,000 votes we’ll donate £20,000 to Maggie’s cancer care. You can find out more information about Maggie's and the support they provide on their website
  • If you'd like to ask a question to be tabled at the Meeting please email [email protected] 


Our 2020 Resolutions


  1. To receive the Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2019.
  2. To appoint Mark Hartigan as a director.
  3. To appoint Seamus Creedon as a director.
  4. To appoint Susan McInnes as a director.
  5. To re-appoint Alan Cook as a director.
  6. To re-appoint Alison Hutchinson as a director.
  7. To re-appoint Colin Ledlie as a director.
  8. To re-appoint David Barral as a director.
  9. To re-appoint Luke Savage as a director.
  10. To re-appoint Wayne Snow as a director.
  11. To approve the 2019 Directors’ Remuneration Report for the year ended 31 December 2019.
  12. To re-appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as the Company’s auditor until the end of the next AGM.
  13. To authorise the Audit Committee to determine the auditor’s remuneration.
  14. To adopt new Articles of Association of the Company in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the existing Articles of Association.

Minutes of the Meeting will be available to view in the Annual General Meeting library below after the Meeting. 


Annual General Meeting library