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Care Navigator

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Care Navigator

What is Care Navigator?

Specialist support and guidance for you or a loved one seeking later-life care

  • We know that looking into care options in later-life can be daunting, with so many choices and decisions to make.  It’s often an emotional and unsettling time, especially when looking into care for those we love.
  • That’s why we’ve teamed up with MorganAsh to offer you Care Navigator, a service designed to help people navigate the complex care system.
  • Care Navigator offers independent care advice to help you feel confident that you’re making the best possible care decisions – for yourself, or a loved one. You can get the specialist help you need to make the right decision. Start with a free initial phone call and complimentary guide. And, if you decide you want even more support you'll get 10% off the price.


Specialist help and guidance that only years of healthcare experience can provide.

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More about our Care Navigator services

Because everyone’s needs are different, Care Navigator is a three-tiered service with optional services at each level.

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Building an understanding - Because finding and recommending the best outcome depends on the exact needs of the individual.  We assess the person’s current health, living arrangements, aspirations and wishes. Only once we have a good understanding of the situation can we make recommendations on the best ways forward.

Liaising with medical and support professionals - Sometimes it helps for us to have discussions with medical professionals to establish the best solution. Planning care is an emotionally draining time for everyone, and we usually engage with different family members to discuss the available options – and to facilitate the appropriate solution.

Preparing a detailed report - We provide a comprehensive care assessment report. Where clients wish to find and assess their own care providers, our care assessment report provides an excellent, detailed specification of services required, which can be shared with prospective providers. 

Searching for care - Once a care assessment report is completed, the search for the right care can begin. We look for suitable providers within defined locations to determine the best care. Typically, we try to recommend at least three suitable solutions, but this does depend greatly on availability.   

Making recommendations - We recommend that the family visits the preferred homes, or suppliers of home services, to make the final decision. If required, we can undertake a care home audit. This is performed by a professional nurse who has extensive knowledge of care homes and the challenges of finding the right care.