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Suzy and Tom's Insurance Story

meet suzy and tom

Suzy and Tom have just married

They've also have just purchased their first home, and their costs and concerns are mounting up.

meet suzy and tom

Suzy and Tom's insurance story

  • Suzy and Tom are a newlywed couple with their first child on the way, with Suzy due in 7 months time. Before Suzy became pregnant they spent a lot of time travelling the world together and going to music festivals.
  • They’ve just purchased a two bedroom house after deciding it’s time to settle down, and are busy preparing themselves and the house ready for their new arrival. They both currently work full time, so are finding themselves rushed off their feet with things that still need doing.
  • With the bills and expenditures mounting up, Tom has started to worry that if anything were to happen to either one of them they would not be able to maintain their standard of living, and would be unable to continue paying off their mortgage.

meet suzy and tom

Questions on Suzy and Tom's minds...

  • What would happen if they couldn’t keep up their mortgage payments, could they lose their house?
  • If Tom became ill or lost his income whilst Suzy is on maternity leave, how would they pay their bills and maintain their standard of living?
  • Could either one cope financially if they became a single parent should the worse happen?

meet suzy and tom

Suzy and Tom's decision...

  • Both Suzy and Tom were unsure of which protection product would best suit their needs, as they had a few different considerations to take into account.
  • They decided to speak to a LifeSearch adviser, who after running through their circumstances was able to make a recommendation on the product best suited to meet their needs.


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