Life Insurance FAQ's

What happens if I don't pay my Life Insurance premiums?

We give you 60 days from the due date for you to pay a premium. Afterwards, in most cases, your cover will stop and your policy will be cancelled. If this happens you won't get any money back. If we have to cancel your policy we'll, of course, let you know.

We understand that times can get tough and you need to make hard choices about what you can afford. Something to consider is that the price you pay each month is based on factors such as your age, lifestyle and your medical history when you take out the policy at the start which will be different as time goes on. This will probably mean taking out a new insurance policy later will be more expensive.

If you have a life insurance policy with us, then you'll also be a member of LV=. Members have access to a range of member benefits which can help make life a little bit easier. 

You may also consider revising your budget. If you have a financial adviser then they can help with this. The Citizens Advice Service also have online help with debt management and making a budget.

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