Life Insurance FAQ's

How do I put my Life Insurance policy in trust?

To help you put your Life Insurance policy in trust, you can use our Online Trusts tool. You will be asked a few basic questions about your circumstances, then based on your answers, the tool will provide you with the most appropriate of our in-house trust deeds.

However, please bear in mind that the tool doesn’t provide you with advice on whether the trust will be suitable for your specific needs, and the trust deed selected by the tool may not always be appropriate for your circumstances. Because placing a policy in trust is an irrevocable act, it means you can’t change your mind and take it back out of trust later on. If you’re in any doubt at all whether placing a policy in trust is right for you, or whether the trust selected is right for you, we’d recommend you speak to a financial adviser or a solicitor.

More information on trusts

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