Make an Over 50's Life Insurance Claim

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Starting a claim

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We will keep you informed throughout the claim process and pay claims as quickly as possible

Information we'll need for an Over 50's claim

Before making a claim, try to gather the below information if it's available.

  • The policy number (this can be found on the policy documents, or a bank statement).
  • An original death certificate if the policyholder has died, which we will of course send back immediately.
  • A copy of the will and letters of confirmation from joint executors or joint next of kin depending on the circumstances.

Make a claim

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E-mail us at [email protected]

Write to us at: LV= Protection, PO Box 341, Wymondham, NR18 8HR

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For TextDirect first dial 18001
Calls will be recorded and/or monitored for training and audit purposes.


Do you have a Dignity Assigned Policy?

Is your policy assigned to Dignity?

If you need to check if the policy has been assigned to Dignity Pre Arrangement Ltd. please contact their friendly staff on 0800 387 717.

What if I need to claim and my policy is assigned to Dignity?

Contact them on 0800 387 717. Dignity will then arrange for the next of kin to contact us. We’ll need to see the death certificate which will be returned. Once we’ve received all the relevant documentation we’ll settle Dignity’s invoice directly to them.

Here are some common questions about claims

What do I do first?
Will my claims payment be tax-free?
Will my claims payment be tax-free if I pay the higher rate of income tax?
How long after death should you be told?
What about policies that are assigned to Dignity?
When will you pay the claim?
When won't pay the claim?