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Mortgage Protection - what you need to know to make a claim

Making a Mortgage and Lifestyle Protection claim

We're here to pay claims and pay them as quickly as possible. Here you'll find all the information you need to make a Mortgage and Lifestyle Protection claim and the processes we go through.

We understand it can be a difficult time when you need to make a claim. That's why we aim to make your claims experience as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection is made up of two elements:

  • Accident or Sickness Cover
  • Optional Unemployment Cover

Making a claim for either of these is slightly different so here is some information that will help you.

when did you take out your cover?

Unemployment Cover claims

Unemployment Cover that started before 01 May 2008

  • If your unemployment cover was taken out before 01 May 2008, you are insured with Covea Insurance plc. Contact them on 03301 384409 to make a claim.
  • When you call Covea, quote the 'PI number' shown on your policy schedule and let them know your unemployment cover was sold through LV= and is stored on their 'Bordereaux Data system'.
  • Covea will be responsible for all aspects of your claim.

Unemployment Cover taken out after 01 May 2008

  • Contact us as soon as you are made involuntarily unemployed.
  • Contact your local job centre to arrange an appointment to register your claim for Universal Credit or Jobseeker's Allowance. 
  • Please see below for more in-depth information on the claims process, including how to contact us.

Steps for Unemployment Cover claims (cover taken out after 01 May 2008)

Three steps to help guide you through the claims process

Helping you get back to work

...some information you may find useful

We want to help you get back to work and recognise that temporary jobs sometimes lead to permanent employment, and that volunteering can enhance your CV. So, let us know if you're interested in doing this type of work and give us full details of that work before you start it.

  • You can start doing temporary work whilst you're claiming, so long as the temporary contract is for less than 6 months
  • You can also do some voluntary work during your claim, as long as it is for a registered charity or similar, and it doesn’t interfere with your ability to look for a new job
  • Tax – at present all unemployment claims are paid tax free

Payments, self-employment and exclusions on our Unemployment Cover

Information worth reading